Who were Marudgan ?


In the Vedas, for Marudgan,it is written as the son of Rudra and Vrishni and number is considered triple of about 60. But in the Puranas, it has been written as the son of Kashyap and Diti, who were cut into 49 pieces by Vaimatrik brother Indra. In the Vedas, Marudgan’s place is written as space, and there horse’s name is called ‘Prishit’ and it is written as friends of Indra. In Puranas, they are considered as Dikpal of Vayukon. It is said that Shivji made dead pieces live in form of 49 Maruts and give them boon of being ‘Shivgan’.

Birth of Marudgan from Diti

Sage Kashyap had seventeen wives, the first of them was Aditi and the second was Diti. From Aditi he gave birth to the gods and from Diti the demons were born. After the defeat of the deities in the battle of Devasura, the churning of the ocean took place and the nectar obtained from it made the deities immortal. The deities then defeated the asuras and destroyed them.


Diti’s penace

Diti was very sad and angry at the death of her sons. She went to her husband and said your sons have killed my sons, so by doing penance I want to get such a son who can kill Indra. Kashyap said that you will first have to live in purity for 1000 years, then you will be able to get a son from me capable of killing Indra. Saying this, Kashyap touched Diti and she also became happy and went to do penance as per her husband’s advice. Seeing Diti doing penance, Indra also started serving her. When 1 year was left to end the penance, Diti told Indra that after one year when his brother will be born, he will be able to kill him, but you have served me so much in penance that I will not ask him to kill you.

Indra attacked on Maruts

You both should rule together. After this, Diti had a nap during the day and her head touched her feet, due to which her body became impure and her penance was also broken. Here, Indra was also worried about the defeat of Diti’s son and he decided to end this womb. Indra cut this womb into 7 pieces. When Diti woke up, when she came to know about the seven pieces of the womb, then she told Indra that my womb has been broken into pieces because of the dissolution of my penance, it is not your fault.

Lord Shiva’s justice

Diti and his eldest son Vajrang fought with Indra for taking revenge , then Shiv appeared to give both of them Justice. So he made 49 Maruts as Shivgans and also punished Indra by giving him curse that he has killed little lives in a mother’s womb in insecurity which is sin so he will always remain afraid and insecure being a God. Also Shiva said that Diti has also done wrong as she was a selfish mother , her intention was bad behind birth of this son so this 49 Marudgan will live with Shiva as Shiv ganas and will not go back in Patal with Diti.

After being cut into pieces, these pieces of my womb would always wander in the sky and would be known as Maruts. These seven Maruts will be the seven Ganas who can move around in seven places and thus a total of 49 Maruts are formed. They will be Storm gods , without help of them Indra can never be able to do rain.

This Marudgan roam in the following places

Brahmalok, Indralok, Space, East direction of Bhulok, West direction of Bhulok, North direction of Bhulok, and South direction of Bhulok. In this way, a total of 49 Maruts are formed who roam in the form of Shivganas.

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