What is Utara and its method ?


The meaning of the word ‘Utara’ is to remove the effect of evil wind or evil spirit, evil eye etc. on a particular person, these removals are usually done by sweets because they get attracted towards sweets quickly.

Method of Utara

Taking the removed object in the right hand, it is rotated seven or eleven times from the head towards the feet of the person suffering from evil eye. Due to this that evil spirit enters that thing. It is ancient beliefs. After performing the ritual of Utara, that object is kept at a crossroads, a deserted place or under a peepal tree and the person gets cured.

The details of which sweet should be offered on which day are presented here

  • On Sunday, you should take off with ice cream containing salt or dry fruits.
  • Feed the burfi to the cow by removing it from the burfi on Monday.
  • Feed the laddoos to the dog after removing them from the laddoos made of pearl powder.
  • Remove it from Imarti on Wednesday and feed it to the dog.
  • On Thursday evening, put five sweets in a two or on paper and bring them down. After removing it, put small cardamom in it. Ater lighting incense sticks, keep it under a Peepal tree in the west direction and go back home. Keep in mind, do not look back while going back. And do other work only after washing hands and feet and rinse after coming home.
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  • Feed the laddoos to the dog after removing them from the laddoos made of pearl powder or keep them at a crossroads.
  • If you want to take off on Saturday, use Imarti or Boondi laddoos and after taking off, feed it to the dog.

Utara for Sundays

Apart from this, on Sundays, tying the root of Sahdei, eight leaves of basil and eight black pepper in a cloth and tying it around the neck with a black thread, the upper winds stop torturing. Camphor, Boondi laddoo, Imarti, Barfi, Bitter oil cotton wick, Nutmeg, Boiled rice, Bura, Mustard, Salt, Black mustard, Yellow mustard henna, Black sesame, Vermilion, Roli, Vermilion, lemon, boiled eggs, guggul, wine, curd, fruits, flowers, sweets, red chillies, broom, peacock bark, cloves, fumigation of neem leaves etc. are used to offer to Hanuman ji. For permanent and long-term benefits, Gayatri Mantra should be chanted in the evening and Havan should be performed for the tenth part of the chanting.

Worship of Lords

Worship Hanuman ji regularly. Pray Lord Shiva and chant his original mantra, chant Maha-Mrityunjaya mantra, worship Maa Durga and Maa Kali. After bathing, offer water to the Sun from a copper vessel.

For mental peace and prosperity, recite the story of Satyanarayan on full moon day yourself. Listen to it from a ritualistic Brahmin. Light a lamp in the house in the evening, sprinkle Gangajal daily and give Guggul fumigation regularly. Recite Sundar Kand daily sitting on a pure seat. Do not eat apple and banana given by anyone. Never take bath between 12 to 4 in the night. To get rid of disease, remove it from lemon and pierce it with a needle and keep it at the place of worship. Throw it after drying. If the disease still does not go away, take out an arrow from the patient’s cot touch the patient’s head to toe, soak it well in mustard oil and burn it after hanging it. Throw the ashes in the water.

Utara to get rid of evil deeds

If you feel that someone wants to kill you, then go to Shiva temple with 21 seeds of papaya and light incense. By offering raw milk on Shivling and keep papaya seeds in front of you while sitting near Shivling. Pronounce your name, gotra and pray to Lord Shiva for your protection and chant a garland of Mahamrityunjaya mantra. Collect the seeds and fill them in a copper talisman and wear it around your neck.

If the enemy is troubling you unnecessarily, cut the lemon into four parts and stand at the crossroads .Throw each part in all the four directions while meditating on your favorite deity and come home and wash your hands and feet. Will get rid of Tantrik Abhikarma.

On the Wednesday of Shukla Paksha, if you rotate four Gomti Chakras from your head and throw them in all the four directions, then the effect of tantric abhikarma done on the person ends.

How to identify a person who is possessed by evil powers ?

Odor emanates from the body or clothes of this type of person. Such a person becomes irritable by nature. The eyes of such a person remain red and the face also appears red. Such a person sweats involuntarily again and again. A person often keeps on complaining of headache and abdominal pain. Such a person walks by bending or dragging his feet. Feels heaviness in the shoulders. Sometimes also complains of pain in the legs. Bad dreams do not leave him.

There is no atmosphere of peace in the house or family where there is a shadow of ghosts and spirits. One or the other member of the house is always suffering from one or the other disease.

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