The truth of mysterious Zombies


Once upon a time, ghosts, vampires, etc. used to be the main characters of scary stories. Time changed, characters changed and the behavior of these characters also changed with the passage of fables, folktales, and today’s modern films. In the limitless world of human imagination, now the scary characters have started taking a new form. Today’s generation of kids will explain Zombies to you better than any other scary nonhuman creature.

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What is the meaning of zombie ?

“Zombie” is a word from the country of Haiti. Haiti, a country spread over twenty-eight thousand square kilometers in the Caribbean Islands spread between North and South America, whose current population is around 10 million, appeared in front of the world for the first time in 1804 as an independent state. came to the fore


Before that, it was dominated by France. When a dead human body behaves like a moving living corpse, it is called a Zombie. You must have seen this character in many foreign horror films.

Zombie – the walking dead

Who doesn’t know Jorge A. Romero, the creator of the famous horror movies? His famous zombie film “Night of the Living Dead” was inspired by Richard Matheson’s novel “I Am Legend”. Although inspired by this novel, there has also been another film based on zombies of the same name, starring Will Smith.

In the fables of Haiti, a zombie has been described as a walking dead human body in which life has been killed by a special kind of ritual, but in any way, independent thinking, intelligence, or discretion does not work in it. Often it is controlled by the Tantrik who has brought him to life through biochar karma. So basically creating zombies is a technical process. Another character similar to this in history is “Gaul”. This character, exhibiting the same behavior as zombies, is found in Arabian legends.

Belief on Zombies

According to the belief of the people of Haiti, apart from the normal zombie, there is also an abstract and formless zombie which is called Zombie-astral, which is a part of human consciousness. The Tantrik there, which is called Bokor in the local language, can take possession of someone’s zombie-astral to increase his spiritual power.

According to local beliefs, the bokor may also capture a zombie-astral, seal it in a bottle, and sell it to a client, to regain good fortune, cure an incurable disease, or For business success. They believe that eventually God will take back the soul of that zombie and set it free. So in this way, a zombie is a temporary immaterial entity that resides in a physically dead human body.

Did they really existed ?

There is a village called La Estaire in Haiti itself, from where, in 1982, the news came out that zombies work as laborers in the fields of some farmers there, like bonded laborers. Clairvaux Narcisse (1922 – 1994), a resident of the same La Estaire village, came back 20 years after his death and told the villagers such a surprising thing that will force them to think again about zombies.

Before reaching any conclusion, we should consider all the aspects of Clairvius’ words. Because sometimes what is seen does not happen. The illusion by which we are living this life, this pasture world, the entire universe is the biggest trap of the same illusion which is very difficult to understand.

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