The Auspecious Month of Sawan


In Hinduism, the month of Sawan is considered very sacred and full of importance. Talking about the importance of Sawan, there is special importance of worshiping Bholenath in this month. According to religious beliefs, the month of Sawan is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Shiva worship and fasting etc. have been considered very important in Sawan. All wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Bholenath this month.

Why is this month named Sawan ?

According to the Panchang, the month of Sawan is the fifth month. There is a reason behind the name of this month Shravan, on the full moon day of this month, the moon is in Shravan Nakshatra. According to Vedic astrology, then the lord of Shravan Nakshatra is the planet Jupiter. Shravan means listening. Hearing about the form of God in this month cures the disorders of the mind. This is the reason why the special importance of listening to religious texts has been told this month.

Importance of Panchamrit Shiva Abhishek and benefits of Panchamrit Shiva Abhishek

There are many benefits of Panchamrit Shiva Abhishek, it is dearer to Bholenath. Doing Panchamrit Abhishek of Lord Shiva increases the age, doing Panchamrit Abhishek of Lord Shiva cures all the problems of life, destroys enemies, doing Panchamrit Shiva Abhishek brings wealth and fame, happiness in the family Peace and prosperity prevails.


Panchamrit is a mixture of five things in which cow’s milk, curd, honey, jaggery, and ghee are added. Mix all this in a pot and mix it well and then anoint the Shivling of Bhavan Shiva. After anointing it, bathe Lord Shiva once with pure water and then start the further worship by getting the Shivling to wear the sacred thread.

Importance of swinging in the month of Sawan

In the rainy season, the body’s digestive system (digestive system) deteriorates, due to moisture in the air breathing is difficult, and the internal organs of the body are not able to do their work properly. All these problems are solved by swinging in the swing in the month of Sawan. In the month of Sawan, there is a movement in the body by swinging, all the organs and cells of the body feel the movement, and the circulation of blood increases in the body, due to which oxygen and other nutrients reach every part of our body, all these together make our body healthy. Awakens the cells and also makes our digestive system strong.

Sawan swings are mostly put on mango, neem, and banyan trees and during the rainy days, these trees are a store of pure oxygen, so when our breath starts increasing while swinging, oxygen reaches every part of our body in abundance. Due to this, all the internal organs of our body become healthy and healthy. One of the reasons for swinging in Sawan is that Sawan is celebrated as a festival and in olden times fairs used to be organized in the villages as soon as Sawan came, people used to go there to swing and all the people used to swing in their homes too. Used to do Swinging makes the mind happy, which also reduces mental stress and keeps the body healthy, this is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial.

The scientific importance of Sawan’s Monday fast

The month of Sawan is the month of the rainy season, which is why the importance of Shravan (Sawan Ka Mahatva) is immense, there is greenery everywhere. The body’s digestion system deteriorates during the rainy season, keeping fast on Mondays gives us time to the body to digest food and by this, our digestion system improves and our body remains healthy and fit.

Story behind Sawan

The importance of Shravan (Sawan Ka Mahatva) has been considered highly in the scriptures because Sawan is the most beloved month of Lord Shiva. The belief behind this is that Daksh’s daughter Mata Sati sacrificed her life and lived a cursed life for many years, after which she was born as Parvati in the house of Himalaya Raj. Parvati performed severe penance in the entire month of Shravan to get Lord Shiva as her husband, being pleased with which Lord Shiva fulfilled her wish. This is the reason why this month unmarried girls pray to Lord Shiva for a good groom.

Another belief

Sawan believes that in the month of Shravan, Lord Shiva used to roam the earth in his in-laws’ house, where he was welcomed by doing Abhishek, hence the importance of Abhishek has been told in this month.

Connection with Samudra Manthan

According to the religious belief of Savan, the churning of the sea took place in the month of Shravan, in which Lord Shiva accepted the Halahal poison, due to which he got the name of Neel Kanth and thus he saved Shrishti from this poison and all the gods showered him with water. This is why water has a special place in Shiva Abhishek.

Connection with Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu goes into Yognidra during the four months of the rainy season and at this time the entire universe becomes under Lord Shiva. Therefore, to please Lord Shiva in Chaumasa, mankind does many types of religious work, charity, and fasting.

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