Suvarnamaccha – Daughter of Ravana


Ramayana is such a beautiful story, isn’t it? In the Ramayana we read, we are told how good had won over evil, how Lord Rama had killed Ravana. But is the Ramayana we read enough or is there something else about which we do not know ? But apart from India, Ramayana has been written in different ways in many other countries, just as Lord Rama has been given so much importance in our country, similarly in other countries also Ravana has been given the same importance in Ramayana as in India, given to Lord Ram. Do you people know about Ravana’s daughter? Her Name was Suvarnamaccha ! Many people will say no, because we all have heard only about the 7 sons of Ravana, and we were never told about Ravana’s daughter in the Indian Ramayana.

According to Thailand’s Ramkeen Ramayan and Cambodia’s Ramkeer Ramayana

Ravana’s daughter has been mentioned in Thailand’s Ramkeen Ramayana and Cambodia’s Ramkeer Ramayana.

According to Ramkiyan and Ramkeer Ramayana, Ravana had 7 sons from three wives. He had two sons named Meghnad and Akshay Kumar from his first wife Mandodari, two sons named Atikaya and Trishira from his second wife Dhanyamalini and three sons named Prahastha, Narantaka and Devantaka from his third wife.


Suvarnamachha or Suvarnamatsya

According to Ramkien and Ramker Ramayana, Ravana had a daughter whose name was Suvarnamachha or Suvarnamatsya, if we talk about her appearance then she was very beautiful. Half of his body was that of a fish and the other half was that of a woman, whom we know today as a mermaid. Her body shone like gold, due to which he was also called Suvarnamachha, which means a beautiful gold fish.

Gold mermaid

And the people of Thailand and Cambodia worship Ravana’s sister in the form of a mermaid. And if we talk about the past, once Suvarnamachha had also fallen in love with our messenger of Ram, Mahabali Hanuman ji. Yes… According to Ramkien and Ramker Ramayana, Suvarnamachha had fallen in love with Hanuman ji. There is a story behind this. Let us look at that story also.

Connection with Ram setu

When Ram Setu was being constructed, the Vanar Sena were laying stones for Ram Setu, then they went back and brought more stones, but the stones they had laid earlier were disappearing. In such a situation, everyone became worried and then Lord Ram talked to Hanuman ji on this subject.

Then Hanuman ji decided to go under the sea, and when he entered the water he saw that the creatures living under water were carrying this stone somewhere. Then Hanuman ji tried to stop them but they did not stop, then Hanuman ji fought with them, after defeating some and some water living creatures went into the circle of water, then Hanuman ji chased them all.

Battle between Hanuman and Suvarnamaccha

After chasing them, they found Suvarnamaccha under water, then Hanuman ji realized that the reason for all this was Suvarnamaccha. Then there was a war between Hanuman and Suvarnamachha, in which Suvarnamaccha started getting attracted towards Hanuman ji during the fight. When Hanuman ji came to know that Suvarnamachha was getting attracted towards him, then he slowed down the fight and tried to talk. Then Suvarnamachha heard them and both of them came down to the sea level.

When Hanuman ji asked the reason for doing so, then Hanuman ji came to know that the person he was fighting with was actually Ravana’s daughter, then Hanuman ji lovingly explained to Suvarnamachha that he was going to save Sita from Ravana, and How many bad deeds has Ravana done? And to reach there they are building Ram Setu.

She took decision for truth

When Suvarnamachha understood what bad deeds his father Ravana had done, Suvarnamachha realized his mistake and apologized to Hanuman ji and returned all the stones. After that Suvarnamachha went back to the sea. And Hanuman ji returned to his Lord Ram ji.

With the help of Hanuman ji, the construction of Ram Setu could be completed, and Lord Ram and Lakshman could free Mother Sita from the clutches of Ravana.

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