Significance of Havan ashes


Havan is an important part of the Hindu religion, used in religious and spiritual rituals. The smoke of Hawan not only has a good effect on human health but this experiment has also proved to be very effective in farming and the reason for all this is the medicinal ingredients used in Hawan. Well, according to the scriptures, not only the Havan but also the ashes of the Havan have their special significance. Many people throw the ashes of Havan after Havan or throw them at any religious place, but only those who do not know its miraculous benefits do so. So, let us know the amazing importance of the ashes of Havan.

Spiritual significance

Bhasma, Bhabhut, or the ashes of Havan are considered sacred and the body part on which they are applied not only becomes sensitive but also develops the ability to absorb energy. That is why they are said to be applied on the forehead between the eyebrows, where your Ajna Chakra is, but keep one thing in mind the purpose of applying this ash is to absorb positive energy from the surroundings, not negative energy. So, during this time, stay away from environments where sensitivity to negative energy is high.


Religious significance

The ashes of Havan are also considered important from a religious point of view. There is a belief in the Hindu religion that keeping the ashes of Havan in the house removes negative energy and infuses positive energy. That is why it is said that after performing Hawan, the ashes of Hawan should be sprinkled around the house.

Importance in Vaastu Shastra

Hawan ashes also have importance in Vastu Shastra. By keeping it in the corners of the house, Vaastu defects of the house are removed. According to Vastu Shastra, applying tilak of ashes of Hawan also provides relief from evil eyes.

Medicinal properties

The ashes of Havan also have many medicinal properties because all the materials used for Havan have medicinal properties. Therefore, the ashes of Havan are also used in the treatment of many diseases.

 Significance of Havan ashes

Scary dreams don’t haunt you

If you have scary dreams in sleep, then apply the ashes of Havan before sleeping at night. This will provide relief from scary dreams.

Remove Economic Crisis

After the Hawan, the ashes can be kept safely and later the same ashes can be used many times in worship. If you want to get wealth and blessings in your house, then tie the ashes of Havan in a red-colored cloth and keep it in the safe of your house. By doing this you will be blessed with wealth and you will never have to face any related problems.

To remove eye defects

Everyone from children to elders can be affected by the evil eye. To remove the evil eye, remedies are usually done with yellow mustard seeds, salt, and red chili, but by removing the evil eye with the ashes of Hawan, even the biggest evil eye defects can be removed.

For progress in business

If you are facing difficulties in business then sprinkle the ashes of Havan at the door before opening your shop. It is said that this will lead to crowding of customers at the shop and there will be profit in business.

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