Nagmani – is it real or fake ?


In today’s era, people consider Nagmani as just a mere imagination. But gems have been mentioned many times in scriptures and mythology. The gem itself is a mystery. It is said that the one who has the gem is the most powerful person in the world. His fortunes skyrocketed overnight. According to Vrihatsamhita, there are gem-bearing snakes in the world, but they are very rare, so humans cannot believe about the gem.

God also bears gems

It is described in Ramayana that Lankapati Ravana had snatched the gem named Chandrakanta from Kuber. At the same time, in the Mahabharata, Ashwathama also had a gem, on the basis of which he became very powerful. Which Lord Krishna had taken out from his forehead. It is believed that Lord Brahma wears the Chintamani, Lord Vishnu wears the Kaustubha gem and Lord Shiva wears the Rudramani.


Nagmani is like this

The Vrihatsamhita text states that the snake stone, known as the Nagamani, is located on the head of a snake. Its brightness is so strong that it becomes as bright as a falling star around it. The one who has this, all the supernatural powers come to him.

Nagmani shines like fire

Nagmani is bright like peacock’s throat and fire. The one who has Nagmani, he is never affected by poison and he is always disease free. Apart from this, many other gems have been mentioned in the texts.

How it is formed inside snake ?

It is said that when the raindrops falling in Swati Nakshatra enter the mouth of a snake, it becomes a Nagmani. However, there is no proof of this. This is mentioned in the astrology book Vrihatsamhita

Research done by the scientist has revealed that there is a rare element inside the hood of Nagraj. Which we call Nagmani. And this snake lives for 150 to 400 years. These snakes are found inside black and white color. It is small inside in length but can change its shape. With the age of the snake, the size of naagmani also increases. And creates light inside the darkness. This Nagmani is of the size of a rice grain or a pearl.

Existence of Nagmani

If we talk about the existence of Nagmani, then ancient texts have described about Nagmani. Nagmani is mentioned in Sri Garuda Purana and Varahmihira texts. There is a description in it that this gem is inside the hood (head) of Nagraj and is like a pearl. Wearing this destroys bad luck. There is growth within good fortune.

According to Varahamihira, the king who used to wear Nagmani was always happy and his subjects were also very happy. He was always victorious. Naag mani is also mentioned in Britisimita. According to this Nagmani was a precious stone. And being rare, very few people believed in it.

According to the scriptures, when a cobra lives for more than 300 years, the poison of its body turns into a serpent. It attracts animals towards itself. Which can be good food for snake. Such snakes do not come out during the day and inside the moonlit night. It is said that with the help of Nagmani, you can also cure a person bitten by a snake.

The place where the snake bites, with the help of Naag mani, the entire poison is extracted from there. Scientists say that nothing like Nagmani exists in this world, by getting which a person can become the most powerful person in the world.

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