How will the Universe end ?


Scientists prefer to discuss the “end” of the universe rather than its “origin”. There are hundreds of ways in which life on Earth could end, and the meteorite fall that occurred in Russia last year is one of these different possibilities. But it is a little difficult to think of a way to end the entire universe. But nothing can stop us from speculating and considering different possibilities.

Great rupture -The Big Rip

This is a terrible situation. In this possibility, “dark energy” will continue to accelerate the expansion of the universe until every atom breaks apart. In this situation, the density of dark energy remains the same with time, then according to scientists, the speed of expansion of the universe will increase and the amount of dark energy will increase with the expansion of space. , Galaxies will move away from each other instead of interacting with each other (attracting) or merging.

At some point in the future, it will also become effective over the force of gravity, then this energy will tear galaxies, stars, and planets into pieces. Billions of years from now, our local supercluster of galaxies will also disintegrate and our galaxy “Mandakini” will be left alone. After some time all the molecules will also disintegrate. Just as the particles of a lump of clay dissolve and separate from each other when put in water, similarly every microscopic particle of the universe will separate. All observations and evidence so far point towards this situation.

How will the Universe end ?

Megacooling – The Big Freeze

This possibility is also based on the mysterious behavior of dark energy. According to this also, the speed of expansion of the universe will increase and the galaxies, planets, and stars will move so far away from each other that the raw material i.e. gas for the formation of new stars will not be available, and due to which new stars will not be born. Due to the existing stars moving away from each other, heat will be distributed over a larger area, which will reduce the temperature of the universe. This situation will continue until the entire universe reaches absolute zero temperature.

After reaching this temperature, all activities will stop because at this temperature all the atomic particles stop their movement. This will be the point at which the universe will be at its peak state of entropy. If there is any star left, it will also slowly burn and die, after the last star dies, there will be nothing in the universe except intense darkness, just the remains of dead stars. According to some scientists, this is the most possible state of the end of the universe.

Great contraction – The Big Crunch

This is possible if, at some time in the future, dark energy changes its form and starts contracting space instead of expanding it. In this situation, the force of gravity will become effective and the universe will contract and shrink into a point. This will probably give rise to another Big Bang. This cycle of great explosion and great contraction will continue continuously.

If this possibility is true then it may have happened before. Our present universe must have been formed after the contraction of an earlier universe. The cycle of big explosion-big contraction-big explosion would have continued indefinitely. For this possibility to be true, the density of the universe must be greater than the critical density. This is just a possibility, so far no evidence has been found in favor of this possibility.

Superfluid state – The Big Slurp

This is a novel possibility and depends on the behavior of the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson provides mass to our universe as we know it. According to this, if the mass of the Higgs boson is at a particular value, our universe will be in an unstable state. Due to this it is possible that a new cosmic bubble may be born inside the bubble of our universe and destroy this universe.

The proton particle also decays, and at some time all the proton particles in the universe will decay, that moment could also be the next one. This type of vacuum metastability event can happen anywhere at any time in our planet. This will create a bubble and will destroy everything at the speed of light.

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