How to feel God’s Presence and Love?


How to feel God’s Presence and Love?

How to make bond with God?

The mind engaged in constant association with the Lord allows one to experience the Lord companionship to the fullest. A deep joy pervades one’s life when one is associate to the Lord through his/her prayers. that is the way we can feel God’s presence and love
Another practice that helps form a close bond with God is to contemplate and follow his words as propounded in Vedic Scriptures. The words of sages like sage Valmiki, Vyasa and Narada.

Froms of God

The Lord for the sake of humankind has assumed various forms-avatars. Therefore, One should choose his/her favorite form of Lord (or Ishta Dev) and connect to his teachings as all of them lead to truth.


Why we should Choose God Form

This is because the mind is only aware of the material world. We form an intimate relationship as we identify it with a person. For example, you experience your relationship with you mother as you identify her in the form that she appears to you. This follows for all relationships. You identify brotherhood with the form of your brother.

Simply all relationships like that of father, son, daughter, spouse, friend etc, are deeply identify by their personal form.
Thus, God form is the basis of establishing a relationship with him.

Just like how material relationships are strengthened on this basis, with a Personal Lord the bond becomes strong, if we maintain similar yet spritiual relationship with him.
Maintaining a relationship with the Lord, one relaizes the true meaning of trust and faith unlike material relationship.

Experience When God Present in our life

When God Present in our life, we stumble upon unconditional love which does not exist among mortals. We should contemplate on who He is and what he has done for us.

The Bhagavata Purana for example, is a spiritual treatise on how aspirants should follow enlightened masters who walked the path of God.

Make God Owner of everything

We should overcome the need to use and throw God for our ends. Instead of only seeking favors and blessings, we should consciously offer him everything. Including all rewards and appreciation with sincerity and love. Consciously set aside all ideas of ownership by making him the owner of our life and wealth.

How to feel God’s Presence and Love?

God is not Imagination

All this is not mere imagination. It can never be. Imagination is the faculty of the Lord. Imagination is given to us in inheritance. It is diluted by the frailties of the mind, but is enriched with the brilliance of one’s wisdom spiritual vision.

If we constantly engage our minds, in these valid practices, what began as apparent imagination takes shape as a living reality. It brings the Lord as the focal Point of one’s life, world and after life too.

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