How the God resides in our body?


How God resides in our body

Vedanta teaches us that God resides in our body in the form of the soul. In Vedantic terms, we call it “Aham Brahmasmi” i.e. I am brahman only. The most common question that comes to everyone’s mind is, how the creator of this Universe, so mighty and huge, resides in our tiny bodies. It looks almost impossible for everyone to understand this concept. 

In This article, we will try to explain this with the example of a tiny water drop reflecting the sun. 

We can see above, there is a small tiny water drop reflecting the sun through it. The sun is the biggest object in the solar system and can be seen inside the tiny water drop. Similarly, Brahman created this Universe seen through our tiny bodies.  The water in the droplet has the ability to reflect the sun’s rays in such a way that the complete sun looks like inside the droplet. Similarly, our soul has the ability to reflect the brahman in a way that it looks like it is inside our body. In reality, the sun’s rays are everywhere but look like trapped inside the droplet. Similarly, the brahman which is everywhere looks like trapped inside the body in the form of a soul. 


Aham Brahmasmi Meaning

With the above example, we can see that the meaning of Vedanta’s Aham Brahmasmi is nothing but our soul is Brahman itself. Which has all the qualities of Brahman but because it is trapped inside the body, does not have all the strength of Brahman. The way that the sun inside the droplet cannot burn anything or doesn’t vaporize water. Similarly, brahman although possessing enormous power of creation, is trapped inside the body and does not possess those abilities. 

How the God resides in our body?

The teaching of Vedanta Philosophy

Vedanta’s philosophy teaches that the soul is nothing but limitless. All powerful Brahman is covered by the body and hence limited in its abilities. A person after knowing this by focusing on his inner self can experience that his soul is Brahman itself. This is the fundamental aim of Vedanta philosophy to know thyself. 


Superimposition of the limitation of the body on brahman creates the error called as Avidya or Maya. Realizing that the soul is nothing but brahman is the way to correct this error which makes a person free from all suffering and pain. The realization of Brahman not only brings knowledge of the unity of soul with Brahman but also brings everlasting bliss as the individual realizes he has achieved the end goal of a human life and achieved immortality by correcting this error. 

How the soul achieves immortality after the knowledge of brahman will be published in our next article. 

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