How Shri Krishna’s Yaduvansh came to an end ?


Nothing was achieved except bloodshed in the war of Mahabharata which lasted for eighteen days. In this war, the entire clan of the Kauravas was destroyed, along with most of the people of the Pandava clan were killed except the five Pandavas. But due to this war, another dynasty got destroyed after the war, that was ‘Shri Krishna’s Yaduvansh‘.

Gandhari cursed Krishna

After the end of the Mahabharata war, when Yudhishthira was being crowned, the Kauravas’ mother Gandhari asked Shri Krishna for the Mahabharata war. Blaming him, he cursed that the Yaduvansh will also be destroyed in the same way as the dynasty of Kauravas has been destroyed.


Due to the time of destruction and curse of Gandhari, Shri Krishna returned to Dwarka and came to the area of effort with the Yaduvanshis. Yaduvanshi had also brought food-stores with him. Krishna had ordered the Yaduvanshis to wait for death by giving food to the Brahmins. After a few days, there was a dispute between Satyaki and Kritavarma while discussing the Mahabharata war. Satyaki got angry and beheaded Kritavarma. Due to this mutual war broke out among them and they divided into groups and started killing each other. In this fight, all the Yaduvanshis including Krishna’s son Pradyumna and friend Satyaki were killed, only Babru and Daruk were left alive.

Death of Balram after Yaduvansh’s destruction

After the destruction of the Yaduvansh, Balarama, the eldest brother of Krishna, sat down on the seashore and became concentrated in the divine. In this way Balramji, the incarnation of Sheshnag, renounced his body and returned to his abode.

Krishna dies by an arrow

One day after Balramji left his body, when Shri Krishnaji was sitting under a peepal tree in meditation, a fowler named Jara came to that area. Zara was a hunter and he wanted to hunt deer. Zara saw from afar the feet sole of Krishna like the face of a deer. Without any thought, the fowler released an arrow from there which hit Shri Krishna’s feet. When he went near, he saw that he had shot an arrow at the feet of Shri Krishna. After this he repented a lot and started apologizing. Then Shri Krishna told the fowler that don’t be afraid, you have done the work of my mind. Now you will get heaven by my command.

After the fowler left, Daruk, the charioteer of Shri Krishna reached there. Seeing Daruk, Shri Krishna said that he should go to Dwarka and tell everyone that the entire Yaduvansh has been destroyed and Krishna has returned to his home along with Balram. So everyone leave Dwarka, because this city is now going to be submerged in water. May my mother, father and all my dear ones go to Indraprastha. Daruk left from there after taking this message. After this, all the deities and celestial nymphs, Yakshas, Kinnars, Gandharvas etc. came to that area and worshiped Shri Krishna.

Dwarika drowned

After worshiping, Shri Krishna closed his eyes and returned physically to his abode. According to Shrimad Bhagwat, when the information about Shri Krishna and Balaram’s return to their abode reached their loved ones, they also gave up their lives due to this sorrow. Devaki, Rohini, Vasudev, Balramji’s wives, Shri Krishna’s patranis etc all left their bodies. After this, Arjuna reached performed pindadan and shraadh rituals for the sake of Yaduvansh.

Zara was none other then Bali

After these rituals, Arjun returned to Indraprastha with the remaining people of Yaduvansh. After this, the rest of Dwarika drowned in the sea leaving the abode of Shri Krishna. All the Pandavas also started their journey towards the Himalayas after getting the information of Shri Krishna’s return to his home. In this journey itself, the Pandavas also left their bodies one by one. At last Yudhishthira had reached heaven in body. Saints also say that the Lord Vishnu incarnated as Ram in Treta and shot an arrow at Bali hiding. At the time of Krishna Avatar in Dwapar, God made the same Bali a fowler named Jara and chose the same death for himself, as he had given to Bali.

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