How Did RadhaVallabh Lal Ji Appear


History of The RadhaVallabh Lal Ji Temple

Shri RadhaVallabh Lal Ji’s temple is one of the ancient temples of Vrindavan. This temple is situated at a distance of half a kilometer from the Banke Bihari temple. You will not be surprised to know that like many temples, this temple has also been attacked by the Mughals. This temple was attacked during the reign of Aurangzeb.
The Mughals had demolished this temple very badly and looted the temple, but due to the news of the attack being received by the priests and servants in advance, the idol of God was taken and installed in Cama of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Where the Deity remained for 123 years. Then again brought back to Vrindavan. This Deity was first brought to Vrindavan by Shri Hit Harivansh ji. Today his descendants worship RadhaVallabh Lal ji in the temple.

History of The RadhaVallabh Lal Ji Temple

The Story Behind The Appearance of RadhaVallabh Lal Ji

The story of the appearance of this Deity is related to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had manifested this Deity from his heart.

There was a brahmin named Atmadev. He was a great devotee of Shiva. Once he went to Kailash and worshiped Lord Shiva. Shiva Pleased with his penance, Lord Shiva asked him to ask for a boon, on which the devotee clearly said that I had only the desire to see you, which was fulfilled. Still, Lord Shiva asks him for a boon. On this, Atma Dev said, ” Give me the thing which is dear to you.
On this, Shiva revealed from his heart the deity of Shri RadhaVallabh Lal Ji, who is very dear to him. Shiva gave that Deity to Atmadev. Shiva ji also told the worship, method, and mantras of Shri Radha Vallabh Lal ji to Atmadev. Even today this couple form of Radha Krishna is worshiped by the same method.

How Did Radha Vallabh Lal Ji Come To Vrindavan

Atmadev brings the Deity with him to the village of Charthaval where he used to live. And for a time he also worshiped Radha Vallabh Lal ji. Atma Dev had thought that I would give the deity here to anyone who would marry my two daughters.
After this, it happened that Shri Harivansh stayed in Devavan for 31 years and then left for Vrindavan in 32 years. In between, he stopped to rest in the same Charthaval village. Radha ji came in his dream in the night and gave a special order that if we have a deity here in this village, bring it with you to Vrindavan and establish it. According to the orders of Radha ji, he married both the daughters of Atmadev and brought the deity along with him.

Temple Construction of Radha Vallabh Lal Ji

It is said that when Harivansh ji came to Vrindavan, there was forest bush everywhere. Then Harivansh ji placed the Deity in a high place and made a small temple out of tree vines and vines. Harivansh ji never got the temple built. Later his eldest son got the temple built.
After his son, Akbar’s treasurer Sundar Das got the temple elaborately constructed. But due to the invasion during the Mughal period, the Deity had to be shifted to Rajasthan. Where the Deity remained for 123 years, but when the Deity was brought back, the Deity of the Lord was installed in another place because the earlier temple was completely demolished.

This is a whole story related to RadhaVallabh Lal Ji’s appearance. Let us know in the comment what you think about this story…

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