How did Bermuda Triangle Made? (Mystery of Bermuda Triangle)


How did Bermuda Triangle Made? (Mystery of Bermuda Triangle)

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle which is also known as “Devil’s Triangle” has remained a mystery for the whole world. No scientist has solved mystery of Bermuda Triangle till yet. Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery for 300 years.
It is believed that 2500 ships and more than 100 aircraft have fallen so far in Bermuda Triangle.

Scientist Opinion about Bermuda Triangle

Different scientists have told different things about the Bermuda Triangle. Some has told the presence of Alien here, while some has told the shadow of ghosts around Bermuda Triangle. Everyone has their own views about the Bermuda Triangle.

Religious aspect about Bermuda Triangle

Some people consider Bermuda Triangle to be mythical and relate it to Satya Yuga. Some people tell that Bermuda Triangle is related to Lord Hanuman. They believe that Bermuda Triangle was made due to mistakes made by Lord Hanuman.

Where is Bermuda Triangle?

Many of the world’s great Scientist’s tried to unravel the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, but they failed every time. In fact, the Bermuda Triangle is not a place in itself. Bermuda Triangle is a space which connects three places called San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda which is situated in middle of sea.


Ramayana Incident about Bermuda Triangle

First Incident in Ramayana

According to an incident in Ramayana, when Hanuman was going over the sea to search for Mother Sita, then a demon named Singhani and which had boon that she could catch any shadow flying in the sky and kill him.
That demon tried to kill him by holding a shadow of Hanuman, but Hanuman kill him. Due to which the Bermuda Triangle formed at that place. It is said that the power of that demon is in Bermuda Triangle due to which no one is able to go near the Bermuda Triangle.

Second Incident in Ramayana

According to another incident of Ramayana, Once Ravana had obtained a gem from God Shiva by doing severe penance of God Shiva. This gem was so powerful that it was on the strength of this gem that Ravana defeated the gods too and later This gem was the cause of Ravana’s death.

After receiving the gem, Ravan’s ego was greatly increased, then Lord Shiva took shape of a saint to get the gem and after reaching Lanka, asked for the gem from Ravana’s wife Mandodari. Mandodari gave that gem to saint.
Half of Ravana’s power went away from Ravana as soon as gem go. Due to which when Lord Shri Rama shot an arrow at Ravana’s navel, then the nectar in Ravana’s navel dried up. Thus Ravana died by Lord Ram.

The glory of that gem was so much that it attracted the things neart around it.
Lord Shiva gave the responsibility of Hanuman to solve this problem and keep the gem in a safe place. Hanuman put that gem in Atlantic Ocean. Some people say that where gem was kept is the Bermuda Triangle. Due to which the Aeroplane passing above and the ships passing through it are attracted towards the ocean and merge into it because this gem had the ability to attract everything.

Thus, these two stories of Ramayana prove that Bermuda Triangle was created by Lord Hanuman.

Vedas fact about how Bermuda Triangle made

In the oldest Vedas Rigveda it is said that Mars born from the earth. It is written in the Rigveda that when the earth gave birth to Mars, then Mars was turned away from its mother. Then the earth lose its balance due to injuries and the earth began to rotate on its axis
At that time, to handle the earth, divinely valid Ashwani Kumar put the iron of a triangle on Earth’s injured place. After which the earth stopped at its same position. That is why the axis of the earth is bent at special angle 23.5 degree.

In the Rigveda, this place of the earth has been described as Bermuda Triangle.The iron deposited in the shape of the triangle become a natural magnet because it is inside earth from years, That is why it attracts the things coming out of its surroundings.

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