Nandikeshwara Uvatch ( Nandikeshwara say)

Once upon a time Bharma and Vishnu with folded hands stood in front of Parameshwara Shiva, then, they worshipped the revered Parameshwara Mahadeva By setting him on the superior seat and worshipping him with male objects. The stable living for a long time is called male objects and the fleeting stuffing till the minor they called natural objects. This way should be two distinctions of the objects from which menu they worshipped Parameshawara Shiva are Flower Necklaces, Nupur, Keyur, beautiful Kundalas, Yagopavith, Uttareya Vastra, Chaplet, Silk textile, Ring, Flower Necklaces, etc. was beyond the Waverleys which were only worthy to Supreme Power SadaShiva. Things could not for common people. Both of them worshipped their owner Maheshwara, first there , Brahma and Vishnu worshiped Parameshwara Shankara.


Reason why Shivratri celebrated

After seeing the devotion of Brahma and Vishnu Parameshwara Says Son’s today’s day is a great day there by the ways you worshipped me. I m happy from you. this is the reason that this day will be great from ultimate holy and great today, today’s date will be the ultimate for me to be known as MahaShivRatri.

Formless and With Form of Shivashakti

There are two forms of Parameshawara Shiva, there is no god who has two forms. the two forms are firstly Parameshwara is appeared as formless after that BHARMBHAV(The FORMLESS SUPREME POWER)is Nishkal roop and MAHESHWARI AND MAHESHWARA & GAURI SHANKARA is the SAKAL ROOP of Bhagwaan ShivShakti. All 5 elements are ShivaShakti. Parameshwara ShivaShakti is the Souls(ATMAN) of all. The place where Vishnu and Brahma worshipped Shiva Lingam is in Arunachal. Parameshwara Shiva says that those who worship Shiva Linga will attain salvation after death. ShivaShakti is Parambharma (The causes of all causes.



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