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Guruvayur Temple

Today In this article you will know about a very special temple of Lord Krishna located in Guruvayur, Thrissur district of Kerala state. Whose name is Guruvayur Temple, It is also called Vaikunthdwar and Dwarika of South.”

Who is ᒪord Guruvayurappan?

Here “Lord Guruvayurappan” is seated in a quadrilateral form, which is the child form of Lord Krishna himself.”
First of all, if we remember the birth of Lord Krishna. He first appeared in front of his parents Vasudev and Devaki in his quadrilateral form. He told Vasudev and Devaki that he was about to take an incarnation, and on the insistence of Vasudeva and Devaki, he took the form of a normal child in front of them.

What is Quadrilateral Form:

Lord Guruvayurappan in his Quadrilateral Form holds a lotus in one hand, a mace in one hand, a conch shell in one hand, and a chakra in one hand. God Krishna is known here by the names UNNIKRISHNAN, KANNAN ᴀɴᴅ BAAL KRISHNA

, etc.

Who is ᒪord Guruvayurappan

The specialty of Guruvayur Temple

Here worship is done according to the Vedic tradition created by Adi Shankaracharya.
Guruvayur Temple was built by Vishwakarma ji. He had built this temple in such a way that the first rays of the sun fell directly on the feet of God. Like the Jagannath temple of Orissa, the entry of non-Hindus is also prohibited here.

There is a rule for the people visiting the temple to wear special clothes. Such as a lungi for men, which is called Mundu in the local language. The rule of wearing a sari or salwar kameez for women. Also carrying a mobile in the temple is not allowed.

Why is this Temple Named As Guruvayur?

According to a legend, when Dwapara Yuga ended and Kali Yuga began, then Brahaspati Ji, the Guru of the devatas, got a floating Deity of Shri Krishna ji. Actually, when there was a flood in Dwarka, then this Deity was swept away, Which he saved with the help of Vayudev.

Now the question was, where should this Deity be established? So while roaming around, he reached this place in Kerala, where he had the darshan of Lord Shiva and Parvati. On being asked Shiva, he said that this place is the best. So Brahaspati ji anointed that Deity and established it there.

This temple was established by Guru Brihaspati and Vayudev. Due to this it was named Guruvayur and came to be known as Guruvayur temple. While the Lord came to be called Guruvayurappan, Which means Guru Vayu’s God.


According to the Narada Samhita, this deity of Lord Krishna was given by Brahma to Vishnu, which was established in Dwarka, Gujarat. But when the city of Dwarka was about to be submerged in water, Then Shri Krishna asked his companion and devotee Uddhav to take this Deity somewhere and establish it at a high place. So In Kaliyuga, God is present among his devotees in that form for their welfare and help. Then this Deity was given by Uddhav to Guru Brahaspati.

History Behind Guruvayur Temple

Taking a look at the history, this is from 1789 when Tipu Sultan attacked the temple and the Deity of the Lord was shifted to Amla Kujha Temple. Then the Deity was shifted to Sri Krishna Swami Temple at Maveli. After looting the temple, Tipu Sultan set it on fire. But then it started raining due to which the temple was saved from the fire.
After the loss of Tipu Sultan from the British, the Deity of God was again established in the temple. In 1841, the Madras government resumed the process of devadayi (which means a donation to the temple) which was closed by Tipu Sultan.
In this way, the arrangement and condition of the temple started improving.

Beliefs of Guruvayur Temple

It is believed that after visiting this temple, this journey is incomplete until the nearby Mammiyur temple is visited. That is why the people who go to see Lord Guruvayurappan, after worshiping him, go to this Shiva temple and worship Lord Shiva as well.

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