Eight main powers of Maa Durga


There is no limit to the power of Mother Durga, but in Devi Bhagwat, her main 8 powers are mentioned, which are described by the Supreme Father Brahma himself. The eight arms called Ashtabhuja of the Mother Goddess symbolize these eight powers. Like Lord Vishnu, Mother Durga is also perfect in all the sixteen arts.

Sharir Bal

Body strength means physical or muscular strength. There is no need to tell about how much muscle power the mother had. What is the limit of the power of those who have manifested themselves due to the combined power of the Trinity? With her muscular power, Mother killed the super-powerful demons Mahishasura, Chand-Munda, Raktabeej, and Shumbha-Nishumbha. Mother had destroyed Dhumralochan’s army of 60,000 intoxicated warriors with just one roar.

Vidya Bal

Like Mother Saraswati, Mother Durga is also the presiding deity of all knowledge. Vidya means whatever knowledge there is in the world is contained in the mother only and it is through her that it is communicated to the entire world. All types of divine powers and achievements are under the control of Mother Durga.


Chaturya Bal

Where the limit of power ends, the limit of intelligence begins. Even the greatest warriors can be defeated with the power of intelligence. Like Vidya, Maa Durga is also the root of wisdom. To destroy the army of Shumbh-Nishumbh, Mother sent Chand-Munda back with the power of her intellect, after which they brought a big army, and all of them were defeated at the hands of Mother.

Dhan Bal

Maa Durga is a form of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Dhankuber himself is a great devotee of Mother Goddess. All the opulence of the world is bestowed upon the mother only. When Mother Goddess blesses her devotees, she fills them with wealth.

Shashtra Bal

What are those weapons for the good of the world that Maa Durga does not know about? When Mother Goddess appeared from the Trinity, along with the weapons of the Trinity, all the Gods and Goddesses also gave their respective weapons to Goddess Durga so that Mother Durga could destroy the wicked from the world. Mother knows all the powers and divine weapons in the world.

Shaurya Bal

When power reaches its maximum limit, it transforms into bravery. Mother Durga is also the pinnacle of power. Mother’s strength and bravery on the battlefield cannot be compared with anyone else. In the Mahabharata, a day before the war, Shri Krishna had asked Arjun to seek the blessings of his mother so that there would be no doubt in his victory. Skanda, the son of Mahadev himself and the commander of the gods, also worships Mother Durga before the war.


Only the mind can control strength, bravery, and weapons. Morality means having complete control over all one’s senses and remaining untouched by the influence of external illusion. Mother herself is the mother of Maya, so how can the Maya of the world affect her? The morale of Maa Durga is the basic source of consciousness of the entire world.

Dharma Bal

Religion is the basis of the world. Whatever is happening in the world is happening only for the protection of religion. The main objective of all the incarnations is to protect the religion. Mother’s appearance also happened to protect the religion by destroying the demons from the world. He freed the earth from evil and reinvigorated the dwindling religion.

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