Do Vampires exist in real ?


Who are Vampires and what is their existence? Are these facts found only in stories ? ‘Vampire’ is very popular in novels and folk tales, you must have seen them many times in films and on TV but what in real life? This is a big question, let us tell you that ‘Vampires‘ are creatures that survive by drinking the blood of humans, they are neither alive nor dead, but they are known as supernaturally animated creatures. Today we are going to inform you of the scary truth which is related to blood-drinking vampires.

Neither alive nor dead

Ghosts have been explained in detail in our religious scriptures. According to Hindu religious scriptures, there are lakhs and crores of species of ghosts. One of those species is Vampire i.e. Pichash. How vampire people are made ? You must have a desire to know what they eat and drink. Those who die prematurely and whose desires are unfulfilled, those people attain the ghostly form because of non-fulfillment of their age. There are lakhs and crores of types of ghosts too.


What is the biggest weakness of Vampires ?

A vampire means Pichash cannot come out in the sunlight. Not only vampires, but all those who are ghosts cannot come out in the light of the sun. Vampires survive only by drinking blood. They have two big pointed teeth. They drink the blood of people by sinking both their teeth in the neck. If they do not get human blood for a long time, they become very weak. Vampires are very afraid of garlic and fire. The older the vampire, the longer its lifespan. They are that much more powerful.

How to escape from Vampire?

By the way, vampires do not follow anyone quickly. But if a vampire falls behind you, then there are only two ways to avoid them. The first solution is that you should always have garlic with you. Because these people are very afraid of fire and garlic, if garlic is thrown on the vampire, then their body starts burning. Second, you have to take the support of a good and great professor or a tantrik who has complete knowledge about vampires. By the way, killing a vampire is not that easy. Vampire’s powers are very weak during the day. That’s why these people are not seen by anyone during the day.

Why do vampires follow someone?

Vampires only follow someone when a person was born in a particular constellation. So that they get some benefit by killing that man, and that’s why these people follow him. TV serials and horror stories have also been made on vampires. You can watch it on youtube if you want. Vampires can change their form anytime, they have immense power and strength. It is not so easy to defeat or kill them. But if you get the guidance of the right person, then they can be killed.

Vampire community exists in real at present

Many people have started considering themselves vampires and drinking human blood. There are many small and big groups of such people in countries like America, Europe, and Australia. Vampires go to their donors to drink blood. They make a small cut on the donor’s upper back and then drink the donor’s blood from there with their demonic teeth. People told that the behavior of these people is different. From fairy tales to TV cinema, ‘Vampire’ is no less than a style icon today. There is also a lot of desire among people to look like him, so many films being made on him are proof of how famous he is today. From foreign countries to India, everywhere people like the things related to them.

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