Do dreams have a purpose?

Do dreams have a purpose?

We all dream. Some dreams remain unforgettable while others just slip away from the memory. We remember some vividly while some other remains hazy in our memory.

According to experts, dreaming is a part of the human experience. We don’t remember the dream always but we still have them in our mind.

What is a dream?

A dream is a figment of imagination. It consists of images, thoughts, and emotions we experience during the unconscious state. It may be extraordinary, intense, or emotional, or it may be boring, vague, or fleeting. Some dreams are also ecstatic. While sometimes dreams make no sense at all.

There is no agreement of researchers on the purpose of dreams though, there are some widely held beliefs discussed as under:

Dreams enhance creative tendencies

All artists dream and convert the same into inspirational works. When we are passionate about something it is quite natural to wake up with a great idea that we saw in our dreams. E.g. a great idea for poetry, art, or song.


When we are in an unconscious state there is no restriction in imagination which otherwise may obstruct our thoughts at an awakened state.

Dreams help to Store memories

One of the important theories related to dreams is that it helps to store important information efficiently and get rid of unimportant ones.

Dreams may be therapy for some

Dream may help us to face emotional dramas in our life. During sleep, our brain may make corrections concerning our feelings which our conscious mind would not make.

Bad dream or nightmares prepares us for real-world danger

We don’t just see dream but nightmares too. Dream help to deal with our emotions, memories, and other information productively. But, those which are frightening and upsetting turn into nightmares.

Nightmares are caused due to anxiety, stress, reaction to certain medications, etc.

Nightmares also take place owing to the sleeping disorder.

According to some research, a negative dream prepares one to face danger and fear in the real world.

Factors that influence dreams

Do dreams have a purpose?

When something affects us in the awakened state, can also influence our dream.

  • Suppose we are deprived of sleep for some nights, we are likely to experience vivid dreams. We may tend to slip into REM(Rapid eye movement) sleep. In that state, we are most likely to recall most of our dreams.
  • Medications due to certain health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder can      let one experience negative dream or nightmares.
  • The kinds of food we take may also trigger dreams and we remember those better. Like high carb gives us instant energy but after a while, we feel down. Anything that affects our brain in the conscious state shall affect our unconscious mind too. If we crave some food during the day, those feelings may carry over into our sleep.
  • Exercising daily will help to cut down on vivid dreams. If we get sound sleep we are less likely to experience interrupted sleep and nightmares.

We not only dream during sleep but daydream sometimes. It is our reality. Something that is troubling us can be solved through it. Something that remains in the subconscious mind may also appear in our unconscious state. For e.g, we wish something or someone in a specific place or setting.

Scientifically, dreams are the body’s way of clearing garbage cluttered in our brains and rebooting the same. It is a process of simplifying the mind from complex reality.

Dreams have fascinated us since time immemorial and would continue to confuse us. It is difficult to know the meaning behind our dreams.

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