Do Aliens Exist Among Us?


There is no doubt that aliens exist. They are definitely real. We know that alien life forms are out there, because we have been able to detect them several times.
Some of the telescopes that we used to detect them were the ones used to capture light coming from other galaxies. We have been able to use those telescopes to capture light coming from areas afar. And we did notice objects that were completely different from the stars that are present in the sky.

Can We See Aliens?

The Universe is so vast that it is impossible to know everything about it. With the help of enormous telescopes and new technology, we have seen some of the interesting things that do exist outside our planet.

Alien life is possible. However, not all the aliens we have seen are life. Aliens are not the beings with round eyes and stuff, but they are the beings that have extraordinary minds.

In the year 964, a huge star appeared in the sky. People who saw it were surprised. They thought it was a God coming down to earth. Those who saw it died. The strange thing was that their bodies were full of holes. Luckily, people thought that it was a curse from a God and they stopped looking at the star. Some years later, they finally figured out that it was a supernova explosion.


It completely reshaped the way we view the Universe. However, they were not the first humans to do this. People had seen and written about a supernova in the year 1006.

Scientists in the year 554 BC saw a new star in the sky. People were starting to see new stars and they were not even figuring out what they were.

Can We See Aliens?

Government Documents Regarding Aliens

Well, you may be surprised to know that there are Government documents that suggest that the government indeed knew about the flying saucers and that they were reported to be extraterrestrial in Origin. If you look at history, you will see that there were some cases where the Government had covered up the truth about extraterrestrial life.

There are a lot of people who believe that Aliens do exist, and One of the most prominent among them is the 27th President of the United States, Howard Taft. He is the man who served as President from 1909 to 1913, and he was the one who initiated the investigation of the famous Roswell incident that took place in 1947.

President Taft is said to be the one who held a special interest in astronomy and what lies beyond our planet. This is the reason why he was the one who asked for reports and statements by the people who claimed to have seen flying saucers hovering above the public.

Taft’s interest in the matter was so great that he wrote a book about the flying saucer phenomena and their existence in the world. His book was titled: “The Flying Saucers Are Real”

President Taft was sure that the flying saucers were a real phenomenon that has been witnessed by a lot of people. Unfortunately, President Taft passed away in 1953, and he did not have a chance to witness the developments that were to follow.

One of the most impressive reports was given by a pilot who was on a flight in Texas in 1952. The pilot claimed that there was a strange object following the plane, and it was a flying saucer. Taft reported the incident in the papers, and the case became a part of the famous flying saucer project. After that, there was a lot of activity on the UFO sightings and reports.

The government knew about the flying saucers and the UFO phenomena, and they were studying it carefully through the Flying Saucer Project. They even tried to establish a link between the flying saucers and outer space. Congress made an official report on the flying saucers, which was presented by the Air Force deputy Counsel.

So Are Aliens Really Out there?

Yes, they are. With the countless sightings and reports, it’s no wonder why it is hard to know what is going on.

The government tried to keep it a secret. It is rumored that some of the sightings were even caused by the government because of the experiments and tests that were being performed.

But, at the same time, there were some reports from reputable people that were backed up by the military. There are plenty of real UFO sightings that have been reported by credible people. Some of these sightings have been recorded on camera, and this solidifies their credibility even more. There are also a lot of UFO Eyewitness Accounts.

The Governments of the world have been monitoring this phenomena for decades. They have collected a lot of information and evidence that support the fact that these UFOs are real!

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