Can we eat Prasad (Naivedya) offered to Shiva?


Since the beginning of the creation, all the Deities, Sages, Asuras, and Humans have been worshiping different Jyotirlingas, Swayambhulingas, Manimaylinga, Ratnamaya, Metal, Parthiv, etc. Lingas. Like other deities, Naivedya (Prasad) is also offered in Shiva Puja or Shivlinga. But People think the Prasad offered on Shivling has the right of Chand and Chandishwara (Chand) would be angry if we consume Shiva Prasad but that is untrue.

Who is Chandishwara (Chand)?

Lord of the Ganas Chandishwara (Chand) has appeared from the mouth of Lord Shiva. He is always engrossed in the worship of Lord Shiva and is the master of ghosts, vampires, etc. People think that Eating part of Chandishwara (Chand) means eating part of ghosts is considered but this is not True.

Can we eat Prasad (Naivedya) offered to Shiva?

In the 22nd chapter of Vidyeshwar Samhita of Shivpuran, it has been clearly said in relation to it –

चण्डाधिकारो यत्रास्ति तद्भोक्तव्यं न मानवै:।
चण्डाधिकारो नो यत्र भोक्तव्यं तच्च भक्तित:॥

Where Chand has authority, human beings should not accept offerings offered to that Shivlinga. Where Chand does not have authority, humans should accept Shiva-Naivedya or Prasad of that Shivlinga.


Shivlingas that do not have Chandishwara (Chand) rights on Shiva (Naivedya) Prasad ?

Chandishwara (Chand) does not have the right in the (Naivedya) Prasad of these Lingas, therefore Naivedya of these Shivlings are acceptable the name of those Shivlingas are


Twelve Jyotirlingas

  1. Somnath Temple
  2. Mallikarjuna Temple
  3. Mahakaleshwar Temple
  4. Omkareshwar Temple
  5. Kedarnath Temple
  6. Bhimashankar Temple
  7. Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  8. Trimbakeshwar Temple
  9. Vaidyanath Temple
  10. Nageshwar Temple
  11. Rameshwaram Temple
  12. Grishneshwar Temple

It is said in Shiv Puran’s Vidyeshwar Samhita that by taking bath water of Kashi Vishwanath Shivlinga three times, all three sins, physical, verbal, and mental, are destroyed soon.

Swayam Bhu Shivling

There is no fault in accepting the offerings of the linga which has appeared on its own for the welfare of the devotees.

Siddha Shivlinga

Those Lingas by worshiping which one has attained success or which are revered by Siddhas, such as Shukreshwar, Vriddhakaleshwar, Someshwar, etc. in Kashi, are revered and worshiped by Linga deities-Siddha-Mahatmas, the effect of Chand is not on them. So the offering of those Shivlingas is acceptable to all.

Banalinga (Narmadeshwar)

Everything offered on Banalinga or Narmadeshwa linga should be accepted like water, Belpatra, flowers, and Naivedya as prasad.

The place where Shaalgram (Gandaki river) originates, Shivalinga, Paradalinga, Pashanlinga, Rajatalinga, Swarnalinga, Linga made of saffron, Sphatikalinga and Ratnalinga are produced thereby accepting Naivedya (Prasad) dedicated to all these Shivlingas One gets the same results as Chandrayaan fasting.

According to Shivpuran Chand or Chandeshwar has no right to Naivedya offering in the idols of Lord Shiva, hence their prasad can be taken.

‘प्रतिमासु च सर्वासु न, चण्डोऽधिकृतो भवेत्॥
Pratimasu cha sarvasu na, Chandodhikrito bhavet

The person who has taken the initiation of Shiva-mantra can accept the offering of all Shivalingas. This offering is ‘Mahaprasad’ for that devotee of Shiva. Those who have taken Diksha of other Gods and also have a love for Lord Shiva. They can take the prasad of all the Shivalingas mentioned above.

The Shivlings who are forbidden to receive Naivedya also become eligible to be accepted by the touch of Shaligram Shila.

The glory of Shiva-Naivedya (Prasad)

The house where Naivedya is offered to Lord Shiva or Shiva-Naivedya comes in the form of Prasad from somewhere else, that house becomes Sacred. The Shiva-Naivedya that has come should be accepted with happiness by bowing the head while remembering Lord Shiva.

If a person does not accept the Shiv Naivedya that has come thinking that he will accept it at another time, he becomes a part of sin.

The one who does not feel like eating Shiva-Naivedya. He becomes a sinner of sinners and is sure to fall into hell.

Devotees of Shiva must accept Shiva-Naivedya because just by seeing Shiva-Naivedya all the sins are removed. By accepting Shiva Naivedya a man automatically gets crores of virtues.

After accepting Shiva-Naivedya, a man gets the fruit of thousands of Yagyas and Shiva Sayujya.

By accepting Shiva-Naivedya with devotion and drinking the bath water of Shivlinga three times, a man becomes free from the sin of Brahmahatya.

A Man should remove from his mind the feeling that Lord Shiva’s offering is unacceptable because ‘Karpoorgauram Karunavataram’ Shiva is always the benefactor of all. For those who take only the name of ‘Shiva, everything auspicious happens in their house too,

सुमंगलं तस्य गृहे विराजते।
*शिवेति वर्णैर्भुवि यो हि भाषते ।
*Sumangalam Tasya Grihe Virajate.*
Shiveti Varnairbhuvi Yo Hi Bhashate

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