Why Vastu Shastra is Important For Modern Society?


Why Vastu Shastra is Important For Modern Society?

Vastu Shastra is a vast and Ancient Vedic Science of living. The word Vastu is not an equivalent of the word Architecture. Architecture is the Science, Art or a profession of designing and construction Buildings. While Vastu is much more than Architecture. That is why Vastu Shastra is very important For Modern Society.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the edifice Science of Bhawan Sthapatya Kala. Which means the Science of Buildings is based on the applied aspects of Atharva Veda. Vastu Shastra is an Ancient Science which is one of the important feature of Indian Heritage.

The life of Human beign is govern by many factors like his faith, Karma and Surrodings. But the right influence of Vastu can make the sweet things sweeter and the bitter things less bitter.

How Vastu related to Happiness?

If the construction of the building is not according to the princple of Vastu Shastra. Then thinking and action of the people staying or working in that places is not going to be peaceful and progressive. It can become disorder and illness. This is one of the main reason of unhappiness and suffering of the society at present.


Which direction belongs to which God?

The spirit of the house are called as Vastu Purusa. The different cardinal directions are East, West, North and South were assigned to different Gods like Brahma, Ishwar, Agni, Varun Wind, Yam and Demon. Because the waves flowing in a particular direction have a specific influence.

North-East direction is controlled by God. Therefore it is suitable for a prayer room.
The South-East direction belongs to Agni.
Central Place belongs to Brahma.
It should be left open to the heaven.
The head and limbs of the Vastu Purusha Should be left alone.

Benefits of organized Vastu Shastra

If the various activity in a house, shop, office or Indusrty are directionally organinzed as per the principle of Vastu Shastra. Then it means to draw the power from nature in a natural way.
Once this immense force of almighty begans to support us then all our objectives are fullfilled in easy and effortless way.

Where Vastu Shastra can be apply?

The Vastu Shastra is not only apllied in houses but also in Commercial buildings and Industries where the clients stakes are high. For example Vastu assigned Kitchen, Chimneys, furnish, boiler etc. to a certain corner on the basis of wind directions. To prevent the smoke and cooking fumes from flowing into the living or working area and affecting the health of the residents or workers.

Why Architect and Vastu Engineers should coordinate?

Thus there is a great need for the Architect and Vastu Engineers to coordinated because An Architect can build a Posh house but can’t assured the happy life to the people who are living in that house. Where as the Vastu Shastra can assured the peace, prosperity and progress to owner and also to the inmates.

In Nutshell Vastu Shastra is the principles for construction of houses, Commercial buildings, Industries etc. which is blend with the surroundings, nature and entire Universe.
Many rules are based on common sense as they relate to ventilation and sunlight. But some are like shuttle energy in nature which build the environment that affects Humans.

Why Vastu Shastra is Important For Modern Society?

We live on Earth which nourishes all human beings like mother and is a treasure of all comfort and pleasure. All embracing motherly role of Earth is best tapt by the use of principle of Vastu Shastra.

In Addition to the Karma’s in life faith and Vastu are the two things which affect the life of a person and each one is responsible for 50 percent of happiness in their life.

If Vastu is poor then the result as compared to efforts will be half even if the stars are exalted and the faith is very strong.
If Vastu is right and the planetary position is unfavorable then also the ill effects will not be so bad. It means that if the house and Industry constructed According to Vastu then person destiny may be changed for the better.

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