Why Hanuman ji is called lord of Asthasidhi and Navnidhi ?


We all know about Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji is full of eight accomplishments and nine treasures means Asthasiddhi and Navnidhi. You must be aware that he was a devotee of Lord Shri Ram and was also a part of Lord Shiva. These eight Siddhiyas and Nav Nidhiya are very special because, with the help of these Siddhiyas, Hanuman ji can do even seemingly impossible tasks very easily. Let us know what are these eight Siddhiyas and Nav Nidhiyas of Hanuman ji received from Mother Sita.

List of Asthasidhi of Hanumanji

Anima Siddhi

Anima Siddhi is a very supernatural and divine Siddhi, in which Hanuman ji can take a very subtle form anytime and anywhere. They can become so subtle that no one can even see them. This Siddhi was used when Hanuman ji went to Lanka to find Mother Sita. No one even knew that he had roamed throughout Lanka in a subtle form.

Mahima Siddhi

If seen, Mahima Siddhi is opposite to Anima Siddhi, because in Anima Siddhi, Hanuman ji can become subtle to conquer atoms. But in Mahima Siddhi, Hanuman ji can assume a huge form. You can read its details in the scriptures and texts. Hanuman ji has taken a huge form many times by using Mahima Siddhi.

Garima Siddhi

This achievement of Hanumanji is very interesting. With the help of this Siddhi, Hanuman ji can make himself as heavy as a huge mountain. You must be aware that Pandu’s son Bhima was very strong and he was proud of this fact. Garima Siddhi was used by Hanuman Ji to break the pride of Bhima. Hanuman ji had made his tail so heavy that even when Bhima picked it up, he could not move it.


Laghima Siddhi

Garima is the exact opposite of Siddhi, with this spiritual power Hanumanji can completely lighten himself and move anywhere in a moment. Hanuman Ji has done this many times. Hanuman used this Siddhi when he went to Lanka to meet Mother Sita. After reaching Ashoka Vatika, Hanuman sat on the leaves of the Ashoka tree and introduced himself to Mother Sita.

Prapti Siddhi

With the help of this Siddhi, Hanumanji could get anything immediately. Hanumanji was able to understand the language of animals and birds and could also converse with them. And he also anticipated the coming times. According to Ramayana, when Hanumanji was searching for Mother Sita, he talked to many animals and birds. Because of him, we were successful in finding Mother Sita.

Prakamya Siddhi

This Siddhi is very divine because with its help Hanuman ji could fly in the sky, go into the depths of the earth, and survive in water. Not only this, with this Siddhi Hanumanji could remain young for ages. Also, they can assume any form as per their wish.

Ishitva Siddhi

If put in simple language, Ishitv means one with divine powers. The person who attains Ishitta Siddhi becomes like a God. With the help of this Siddhi, Hanumanji had ably led the entire monkey army. Due to his Ishithva Siddhi, he had the best control over all the monkeys. Additionally, with the power of Ishithva Siddhi, Hanumanji could bring even dead beings back to life.

Vashitva Siddhi

Vashitva Siddhi means to control anyone. With the help of Vashitva Siddhi, Hanumanji can immediately control any creature and can also get the work done as per his wish. Due to this accomplishment, Hanumanji is called “Incomparable Power Dham”. Not only this, he can also control his senses.

List of Navnidhi of Hanumanji

Padma Nidhi

A person with Padma Nidhi is virtuous. It is said that the wealth earned in a virtuous manner does not diminish for many generations. People with Padma Nidhi are endowed with gold, silver, and divine gems and also donate generously.

Mahapadma Nidhi

It is said that a person with great wealth donates his accumulated wealth to religious works. Due to the influence of this fund, the person becomes generous and charitable.

Neel Nidhi

It is believed that a person with Nil Nidhi is virtuous. His wealth does not diminish for three generations.

Mukund Nidhi

According to the belief, a person with Mukund Nidhi is endowed with Rajoguna (royal beauty), after this, he remains engaged in collecting kingdoms.

Nand Nidhi

A person with Nand Nidhi has the qualities of Rajas (passion, activity, speed) and Tamas (ignorance, inertia, laziness), he is the basis of the clan.

Makar Nidhi

This fund is very special because a person with Makar Nidhi is a collector of weapons and armor. A person with this quality is always ready for war.

Kachhap Nidhi

The person targeted with Kachcha Nidhi always keeps his property secret and does not allow anyone else to use it. Enjoys his wealth himself. Protects him like a snake.

Shankha Nidhi

The effect of this wonderful fund lasts for a generation. According to the belief, a person earns a lot but does not give it to the family, due to which the family always remains poor.

Kharva Nidhi

Kharva Nidhi appears to be the very opposite, the person receiving this Nidhi is said to be of mixed nature. According to the belief, the person who receives this wealth is handicapped and arrogant, he can snatch away the wealth and happiness of others when the time comes because it is difficult to predict his nature.

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