Why fasting is very important?


We all have heard about fasting in our life. But many of us fast either to lose weight or to be healthy and also to get our prayers heard. But when you fast, you have to fast with all your mind and body. If you fast for the sake of getting your prayers heard. Then that fasting you doing is not real and you may not get what you want.

Fasting is all about the best desire we put on to God. One should not be forced to take up fasting. God has not compelled anyone to take fasting seriously, as it is one’s desire to fast or not. It has to come naturally from a person and not to be told.

Importance of Fasting

To certain people, when they know that the time to fast is nearing, they will be gloomy thinking that they have to keep off their favorite food for a certain number of days. But if you have a real desire for God and wanted your prayers to be heard. Then you have to fast with all your minds and body. Being sad, and taking up the fast will not work out. It does not give you a completion in fasting when in Christianity.

Some people think when they fast, they might become ill and will have other health problems and they don’t take up the fast. It is true but if you have the will only, fasting can take over you. Another important thing is that you have to fast for God, who is watching above you, and not just a show off to others. When you fast, you make sure you should bathe and make yourself fresh so that others won’t see you but the Father above you, seeing your true self and your true fast.

Why fasting is very important?
Why fasting is very important?

Fasting with all your minds and heart is the connection between God and you in secret. We all want to see God and feel Him. But when you pray with all your hearts and minds, then one day He will show you a way to see Him. There will be no one in this world who does not want to be blessed by His love and grace.

It is only through prayer and fasting that keeps the communication between God and humans strong and perfect. It is the only way to talk to Him about what you need and His support. He has not been told to fast the whole year but at certain times of the day.

Fasting can help one to be out of trouble and danger

When you are really in trouble where you cannot come out and need help to get you out of it. That is the time you need God to come your way and help you. When people around you are not able to help you. At the time He will show you a way to get you out of it, or sometimes He will test you in making you think in finding a way out by self. He has the power to test you for anything in anyways, which can be to test your patience, anger, trust, and so on.

When you believe that prayer and fasting can help in Him hearing your prayers and your wish granted. Then it has to be done with all your soul and heart and it has to be true. Even when you show it off to others, the Lord who is above watching you know what you are doing and how true you are. In Christianity, fasting with prayer plays a very important role, in getting a close connection with God.

Fasting is a way to make your hearts open to spiritual revives

Every person must feel the fasting when they want a close connection with God, and to get their sins off from them and have to be blessed by the Holy Spirit. When you deal with the connection between fasting and prayer, they are very much essential as it is a source of intention and getting self-imposed. All people must have been that when fasting and prayer with full hearts go together, we get blessed and able to follow the footsteps of the Lord Almighty, and become close to God’s heart and love.

Reasons for Fasting as per Old and New Testament

  • They are meant to strengthen your communication with God.
  • They can help you to seek guidance from God.
  • Some people take up fasting to express their grief to God.
  • Fasting acts as showing humbleness before God.
  • They act as a minister to others’ needs.
  • Fasting helps in overcoming temptations and dedicating yourself to God.
  • To show concerns for working with God.
  • Fasting makes one express their love and belief or worship towards God.

To different people, fasting has different meanings and intentions, as different people take up fasting for other reasons. Problems in one family may not be the same as that in the other. God wishes that His people follow His path and move in the right way, where they do only acts that are blessed and safe, in not harming or hating anyone. He has much more care than we do, as He knows us more than we do. Fasting is really important in every religion, but it is not to be forced but to be done with self-determination and with their mind and body, to get them closer to God, and get blessed with the Holy Spirit. Everyone wants to be on the safer side and be with Him and feel Him be on the right track.

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