Who is the Archangel Gabriel?


Archangel Gabriel

Each name has certain meanings in life, and the same goes for an archangel and other holy sa ints. The word Archangel refers to a divine angel and also has the meaning of the first messenger. Like all other Archangels, Gabriel takes in the commands of the Lord that are important and that are major decisions for the safety and happiness of people and communities. Archangel Gabriel is one of the seven Archangels of God, that stood for God and made people happy and satisfied, and those who followed the words and paths of Jesus.


Archangel Gabriel is known as the herald of visions, the Messenger of God, and one of the Angels ranking the highest of God. He is known to make people understand the true message of God and helps them take it positively and also to accept them with a pure heart that makes them happy. The feast of Archangel Gabriel is celebrated on March 24th.

What did St. Gabriel do according to the Bible?

According to the bible scriptures, Gabriel is regarded as the messenger of the Lord, who appeared before in front of people. As depicted in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament. It happens that his name has been mentioned in some.

In the Old Testament, his name appears twice he looked like the man to Prophet Daniel in explaining his visions. And In the New Testament, Gabriel was described as the Angel of the Lord. There he first appeared to Zacharias, who is the father of John the Baptist, to tell his wife Elizebeth that she will become pregnant, and told that there should be happy in all to rejoice in her giving birth.

Gabriel has also taught Prophet Moses in the wilderness for them to write in the Book of Genesis. As written in the Book of Daniel in chapters 8 and 9, the archangel Gabriel is the savior of the Prophet Daniel. It is he who has revealed to Saints Joachim and Anne about the conception of Mother Mary.

In the bible, Archangel Gabriel also became well known when he told Mother Mary in her dreams that she will bear a son in her womb and will name him Jesus who will rule the whole Universe and that son will be known to the world as the son of the Highest and also the Savior of the World.
He is also the one who had informed Joseph not to divorce his wife Mary and told him that Mary will bear a son who is Holy and has the power of the Holy Spirit. He is also the known angel that has been mentioned by Luke who appeared to Jesus Christ himself before His passion and also to give him great strength.

Certain Facts about Archangel Gabriel

  • By the name Gabriel, it means the God of Power. Gabriel stands in the presence of God to tell the good news of God to his people so that they will understand and accept them with a full and happy heart.
  • In the bible, Gabriel was not called an Archangel. Well a long time ago, someone had mentioned in the Book of Enoch that Gabriel and Micheal were the only Archangels. Jude considered Gabriel an Archangel.
  • It is said that Gabriel speaks to only three Bible characters. Those three characters were Daniel, in getting his response to the prayer that he has done. Secondly, he speaks to the priest Zacharia, to tell him about the birth of John the Baptist. The last person he speaks to is Mary, coming in her dream to tell her that she will give birth to a son and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will be named Jesus.
  • Gabriel looks like a very scary-looking man. It was when Daniel tells about what Gabriel looks like, he said that Gabriel looks like a man. When Gabriel first appeared in Chapter 9. Daniel said he cannot be called an archangel, but as a man whom he has seen in earlier visions. When people first saw him, they got scared of his appearance. Then he never appeared in front of anybody. Frankly, there has been no record showing that Gabriel’s archangel has wings. Gabriel is known to come in response to each one’s prayer in the form of God.
  • In the year 1969, the feast day of Archangel Gabriel is marked on September 29. Which is being celebrated along with other archangels Michael and Raphael.


So by now, you must know how great his archangel Gabriel is. How near and important he is to God, and what place is stored for him in the place of God. Angels are considered as pure Holy Spirit. As a whole. Archangel Gabriel is known as the patron saint of communication workers, messengers, and postal workers.

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