Who are Shiva Ganas ?


Where Shiva is seated, Shakti Swaroopa Devi Parvati, Shri Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Nandi are also there. Ganas also live with Shiva who is different from all of them. No one except Shiva understands these ganas. Who are these people after all? What is their importance? Let us know the answers to these questions. Some call him a friend of Shiva, while others call him his protector. But in reality, Gana is Mahadev’s friend as well as protector.

Shiva loves these ganas

It is believed that these Ganas were different from humans and came from some other world. Their appearance is very terrible, there were no bones in their body and their shape was strange. All these ganas make a loud noise. No one except Mahadev can understand their language. These games are not afraid of anyone except Shiva. He is also said to be eccentric. They do not do the work of anyone other than Mahadev. Mahadev loves him.

Lord Ganesha is also a Shiva Gana

Do you know why Lord Ganesha is not called Gajapati instead of Ganapati? According to a legend, Lord Shiva accidentally beheaded his son Ganesha. After this incident, Lord Shiva applied the head of an elephant to revive Ganesha. Since then he is called Ganapati. But here we are talking about the names Gajapati and Ganapati.

By the way, if Ganesha was given the head of an elephant, then we should call him Gajapati, but we address him as Ganapati. This is because the elephant whose head Lord Shiva had attached to Ganesha was himself a gana. Yes, Bholenath took out the head of one of his Gana and attached it to Ganesha. That’s why we call him Ganapati and not Gajapati.

Bhairav is also Shiv gana

His ganas are always ready to protect Lord Shiva and obey his orders. Bhairav is considered the most prominent among his ganas. After that Nandi’s number would come and then Veerbhadra.

Wherever Shiva temple is established, the statue of Bhairav ji is also established in the form of a guard (Kotwal). There are two Bhairavs – Kaal Bhairav and Batuk Bhairav. On the other hand, Virabhadra is a brave son of Shiva who beheaded Daksha Prajapati on the orders of Shiva. According to Dev Samhita and Skanda Purana, Shiva created a clan named ‘Virabhadra’ from his hair.

Apart from this, vampires, demons, demons, ghosts, and serpents, animals are also considered to be part of Shiva. All these ganas keep roaming in the earth and the universe and keep the good news of every human being, soul, etc.

Shiva’s gatekeeper

In those days, no god or goddess, demon could enter the area of Mount Kailash without the permission of Shiva’s gatekeeper. These gatekeepers were stationed in all directions.

The names are as follows – Nandi, Skanda, Riti, Vrishabh, Bhringi, Ganesh, Uma-Maheshwar, and Mahakal.

Shiv Panchayat

The decision of the Panchayat is considered final. When any important decision had to be taken between gods and demons etc., the decision of Shiva’s panchayat was final. Shiva’s panchayat consisted of 5 deities. These 5 deities were:- 1. Surya, 2. Ganapati, 3. Devi, 4. Rudra and 5. Vishnu. These are called Shiv Panchayat.

Shiv Parshad

Just as Jai and Vijay are Vishnu’s councilors, similarly Baan, Ravana, Chand, Nandi, Bhringi, etc. are the councilors of Shiva. It is seen here that there is Nandi and Bhringi Gana as well, there is a gatekeeper as well as a councilor.

How Nandi became Shiva’s Gana?

Shilad Rishi had found Nandi as a son after severe penance of Shiva. Shilad Rishi imparted the knowledge of complete Vedas to his son Nandi. One day two divine sages named Mitra and Varuna came to Shilad Rishi’s ashram. Nandi served those sages well by his father’s order. When the sages left, they blessed Shilad Rishi with long life and happy life but not Nandi. Then Shilad Rishi asked him why he did not bless Nandi. On this, the sages said that Nandi is short-lived. Shilad Rishi got worried after hearing this. Knowing the father’s concern, Nandi asked what’s the matter father? Then the father said that sages have said about your short life, that’s why I am worried.

Hearing this, Nandi started laughing and said you have found me by the grace of Lord Shiva, so you will protect my age there as well, why do you worry unnecessarily. As soon as Nandi said this, Nandi went to the banks of the Bhuvan River to do penance to Shiva. Shivji appeared after severe penance and said, ask for a boon, Vats. Then Nandi said that I want to live in your company for the rest of my life. Pleased with Nandi’s devotion, Lord Shiva first embraced Nandi and gave him the face of a bull, and accepted him as his vehicle, his friend, the best of his clan. As Kamdhenu is supreme among cows, so among bulls Nandi is the best.

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