Which Is The Oldest Religion On Earth?

Which Is The Oldest Religion On Earth?

Has this question ever come into your thoughts, or have you ever thought about which is the oldest religion in the world? So the answer to this might shock you but it is a well-known fact that is our Sanatana Dharma. Being the oldest religion, it is also the first religion to be formed. Let’s discuss Why Sanatana Dharma is the oldest of all religions.

Religion is the set of beliefs, and practices revolv ing around or leading to a transcendent spiritual experience. In fact, there are no records of a country or culture that doesn’t practice the religion of any form.


1. Sanatana Dharma is “The Eternal Truth”

Which Is The Oldest Religion On Earth?

Sanatana Dharma means the Eternal truth. According to research, it is believed that Hinduism originated over 7000 years ago, but religious scripts and beliefs say its origin way before that. Sanatana Dharma isn’t just a religion, it is like a set of principles that govern life. Thus, it provides virtues like non-violence, being a vegan (some cases), purity, honesty, and how to succeed in life and mostly tells the meaning of life.

No other religion teaches all the values, traditions, and cultures as Hinduism does. Many foreigners also convert themselves and involve in the Sanatana Dharma. It is the 3 rd most followed religion in the world having more than 10 billion followers.

2) Universe Is Made by The Parabramha or Vishnu

Which Is The Oldest Religion On Earth?

We all know Lord Vishnu, and how he incarnated himself into many avatars, He is the one who gave species to earth, the creator, and from him, many countless gods came to existence. The life started in water, Matsya – Fish incarnation was the first of Vishnu, then came reptiles (Kurma), then boar ( Varaha), Narasimha- the lion, and then Human life. This shows the evolution of species and the scientific explanation is given as this is the biggest evidence found! Since Vishnu is the Creator of all the species in this world, it is evident that Hinduism exists before life. Vishnu is linked to Hinduism.

3) Superstitions Linked to Hinduism

Superstitions are beliefs done from ancient times, it has scientific meaning as to why some things should be done and some not. For example, You cannot chew tulsi leaves but swallow them. This is because tulsi leaves contain little amount of Arsenic which can damage the name of your tooth l once you bite it.

Superstitions have always been a part of Hinduism and have a great science too. It is strange to know that this was found centuries back with no technology and other things. There are many more when we look into it while burrowing close to Kurukshetra, unfamiliar archeological specialists got an 80-Foot-Length human skeleton. Who is equivalent to the portrayal of the child of Bhima, Ghatotkach? What’s more, we are individuals of India, Mahabharata is the account of the story. This is communicated by the disclosure channel. Hail to the interminable religion. Hinduism can be traced oldest due to these facts.

4) Archaelogical Survey’s

Let’s take one example which can be verified by simply looking in Google for data. Hindu scriptures refer to the city of Dwaraka and incidents that happened there, which were later submerged in the sea this is written in the scriptures. According to climate scientists, these areas were submerged in water after the polar ice melt in 7000BC. This puts the age of Hinduism or Sanathan Dharma to be more than 9000 years.

Hinduism may have roots in Mesolithic prehistoric religion, such as evidenced in the rock paintings of Bhimbetka rock shelters, which are about 10,000 years old (c. 8,000 BCE), as well as neolithic times. Several tribal religions still exist, though their practices may not resemble those of prehistoric religions.

While digging near Kurukshetra, A foreign archaeological expert got an 80-Foot-Length human skeleton. Who is the same as the description of the son of Bhima, Ghatotkach? And we are the people of India, Mahabharata is the story of the story. This is A broadcast by the discovery channel. Hail to the eternal religion.

Now you know why Hinduism is the oldest religion ever known. What are your views on this article? Do you think there is any other religion apart from Hinduism which is the oldest? I’m sure you will not because this is the oldest religion and the eternal truth.

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