Which is Most Powerful Mantra?


What is Mantra?

The power of the mantra depends more on you than on the mantra itself. Any mantra is only as powerful as you are. To understand all this, first, you have to understand what are called mantras. In simple language mantra is a kind of pranayama. There is no sound in the mantra as most people understand. Mantra is never even pronounced in Mantra Sadhana. No sound of any kind is produced by the mantra. Through practice, your breathing is rhythmicized according to the mantra. Your breath starts getting tied in a certain rhythm according to the mantra and in this way your Prana (Soul), your breath starts moving according to a certain pranayama.

Power of Mantra Chanting

After a lot of practice, there is no need to keep repeating the mantra on your breath. The mantra automatically starts running on the breath. This condition is called Ajapa

(Ajapa Japa). After this comes another stage when you can see the mantra in the form of sparks entering and exiting your body. Ultimately you yourself become a mantra.

Mantra Diksha By Guru

First of all, understand that no mantra will be effective until you are initiated by a capable and powerful Guru. And a Powerful Guru will not give you mantra diksha unless you are powerful yourself. Mantras are not easy to handle. Your body will start behaving differently because of the mantra. It is almost certain that after mantra initiation you will be unwell for some time.
The mantra given by a qualified and powerful Guru has immense power and it takes time for your body to get used to that power. It’s like when you go to a very high mountain for the first time, your body takes some time to get used to that Environment. Similarly, it takes time for your body to get used to the mantra.

Mantra Diksha

Any capable and powerful Guru will measure your ability to handle that mantra before giving you mantra diksha and will give you the mantra according to your ability. Here I am not talking about those shops which sell mantras while they have no knowledge about mantras. There is so much power in the mantra that if you are not powerful and a True Spiritual Guru tells the mantra, then you will not be able to recite it even three times. You can fall very ill due to the power of the mantra, even you can die. This is why any qualified Guru will test you for a long time before giving you the mantra.

Most Powerful Mantra

If you google the word mantra, you will find many mantras of every God ever known on this earth. Gayatri Mantra, Kali Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Hare Ram Hare Krishna Mantra, and many more. But the question is can you do anything with these mantras? No, because all these famous mantras are not really mantras at all. These are all prayers and praises. No mantra is written in any form, neither in any Veda, nor in any Purana, nor in any scripture. There are verses, prayers, and praises written there, which people have been selling in the name of mantras for centuries. Mantra can be received from Gurmukh only and only from Siddha Guru Parampara. No matter where you search, you will not know the mantra.

That’s why the power of the mantra depends upon the power and capability of your guru and your power and capability.

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