What is the right time to chant Sunderkand? Morning, Evening Or Night?


Should Sunderkand be recited in the morning or evening / Rule of reciting Sundarkand for 21 consecutive days –


It is believed that among all the gods, Hanuman ji is the only god who is present among us on earth. Hanuman ji never disappoints his devotees. Whatever devotee wishes from Hanuman ji with a true heart, Hanuman ji fulfills their wishes quickly.

It is also believed that Hanumanji becomes happy with his devotees very quickly. But today we are going to talk about the lesson of Hanumanji’s Sunderkand. The works done by Hanumanji have been completely described in Sundarkand.

Friends, today through this article we are going to tell you whether to recite Sunderkand in the morning or in the evening and the rule of reciting Sunderkand for 21 consecutive days. Apart from this, we are going to provide other important information related to this topic. Therefore, read this article till the end.

At what time should Sundarkand be recited?

If you want to recite Sunderkand in private. So morning time is best for this. You can recite Sundarkand alone in the morning in Brahma Muhurta between 4 to 6 o’clock.
Most of the people get Sunderkand recited in a group. If you also want to get Sundarkand recited in a group Or do it in groups, So Sundarkand should be recited in the group after 7 p.m.

It is best to recite Sundarkand on Saturday, Tuesday, Purnima, or Amavasya.

Rule of reciting Sunderkand for 21 consecutive days

We have explained below the rules for reciting Sunderkand for 21 straight days. You can recite Sunderkand for 11, 21, 31, or 41 days as per your wish and the rules for all are the same which we have mentioned below.

  • First of all, install the idol of Hanumanji in front of you. You also sit on a pure seat and start this work only after taking a bath.
  • After installing the idol of Hanumanji, light a lamp of pure ghee, and offer seven peepal leaves at the feet of Hanumanji.
  • After lighting the ghee lamp to Hanumanji, recite Sunderkand And offer laddus to Hanumanji.
  • After this, make a garland of peepal leaves and go to any Hanumanji temple near you and offer the garland.
  • You have to do this work every day.
  • After your 21-day rituals are completed, perform havan.
  • This process has to be done continuously for 21 days. There should not be any error even for a single day.
  • If you also recite Hanuman Chalisa along with the recitation of Sundarkand. So you will get more benefits. You will get money from this.

Q) Should women recite Sunderkand or not?
Ans) Yes, women can recite Sunderkand.

Miracles of Sunderkand Path

We have mentioned below some miracles of Sunderkand’s lesson.

  • By reciting Sunderkand, the negative energy present in the house goes out.
  • Reciting Sundarkand provides freedom from the fear of enemies.
  • By reciting Sundarkand, ghosts, ghosts, devils, etc. run away and we get protection from such evil spirits.
  • Reciting Sundarkand gives us strength and power.


Friends, today through this article we have told you whether to recite Sunderkand in the morning or in the evening and the rules to recite Sundarkand for 21 consecutive days. Apart from this, other information related to this topic has also been provided. We hope that today’s article has proved useful for you.

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