What is Satsang and why is it important to listen to it?


There has been a culture of Satsang in the Hindu tradition for a long time. Satsang has been a part of both spiritual and religious life but still, people have many questions regarding Satsang. Like, what is the purpose of Satsang ? What are the benefits of listening it ? Why is it done, why should we go to listen it, etc. So, let us know about this in detail.

What it do ?

It promotes positive thoughts and reduces negativity.

Ideal Company: It provides an opportunity to spend time with ideal people.
Spiritual Development: It provides a path to knowledge, devotion, and spiritual growth.

Why do we need to go to Satsang?

Many sources of religion and philosophy are discussed in Satsang, through which we gain knowledge and develop our thinking. The atmosphere of Satsangs not only improves our spiritual development but also provides us with favorable conditions to experience the existence of God. Satsang not only removes bad thoughts and sins from the mind. It also helps us understand our responsibilities towards society by expanding our morality.

Types of Satsang

There are major four types –

  1. Fellowship of the Absolute Truth: This is the best type, which involves being with God and seeing him, talking to Him in sorrow.
  2. Association with Guru: In this, people try to attain God under the guidance of Guru.
  3. Fellowship of the assembly that hears the truth: In this, God is remembered in the company of those who are eager to attain God.
  4. Self-study of the scriptures: In this, the scriptures describing devotion, knowledge, renunciation, and virtue are read, meditated upon, and followed.

Purpose of listening to Satsangs

The main purpose of listening to Satsang is to improve and improve life. Apart from this, goals like gaining knowledge, self-study, purifying the mind, personality development, getting fellowship with God, and spiritual development are also to be promoted.

Importance of Satsangs

Going to Satsangs means a company of good people. Constantly listening to Satsangs makes even an ignorant person responsible. Satsang works to enhance the personality of a person and promotes virtues in him. To listen to it is to be constantly exposed to positive, meaningful, and philosophical things that lead us to the upliftment of the soul.

Why should we do Satsang?

The history of Satsang is very old with Hindu religion and philosophy. It means ‘companion of Truth’ in which ‘Sat’ means ‘ultimate truth’ i.e. ‘God’ and ‘sang’ means ‘association with seekers or saints’. It is a group of devotees who discuss, worship, learn, and meditate on God. In this, ancient texts are heard or read, talked about, their meaning is discussed. And at the same time the source of those words is assimilated i.e. their meaning is brought into our daily life.

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