What is Reiki, and how does it work?


Levels of Reiki

Reiki is the process that uses the healing techniques of the palms and hands to bring positive energy from your surroundings and use it completely for its purpose. It is divided into three levels of meditation. The process is combined with education and practice for balance, empowerment, and the individual’s life. This form of healing is very different from other forms, as the process involves a transfer of energy between the practitioner and the individual using only external forces. With the help of a Reiki master, one expands the main energy channels of a person’s body, allowing universal energy to flow more easily and deeply.

What is Reiki, and how does it work?

There are three levels of Reiki mentioned below and go through each step carefully to understand how each stage of Reiki healing works:

Treatment level 1

Level 1 Reiki healing is open to everyone. People of all age groups can be a part of this process without any prior experience in treatment. The first degree opens energy channels and allows its clients to channel on a physical level and to those around them who also wish to seek help.


When the person begins to feel that there is now energy flowing through their body, they will begin to experience certain changes in the body, such as cooling, heating, tingling, and buzzing, and it will separate from the person. This stage involves the physical body experiencing transformation and connecting with universal energy. Whatever energy has previously been blocked is now released and tries to create a perfect balance between the centers of energy known as Chakras. The initiation opens the central energy channel leading from the crown of the head down the spine. It connects the person or client to Universal energy, allowing them to channel the energy whenever they wish.

At first, there may be considerable variation in the amount of channeling after initiation, but the more they practice Reiki, the more constant the flow of Energy becomes in their lives. In the first phase of treatment, the energy at the physical level is 80-90%. This is the basic step that should be adopted and implemented by everyone who takes Reiki treatment for the first time in their life.

Treatment level 2

The second level of Reiki focuses on the expanded opening of energy channels as well as practicing it on others. Students learn the Reiki symbols in the Level 2 attachment. With the help of Reiki symbols, it becomes easier for the practitioner to connect with the universal energies and give shape to the energy that these symbols represent. Then you can also do distance reiki. This phase basically focuses on opening the central channel even further, with an emphasis on the heart chakra. Level 2 also includes practice in drawing symbols and invoking their qualities with distance healing.

Typically at least three months must have passed since the person took the first degree to receive this step in Reiki healing.

Understanding Reiki Symbols:

Power Symbol:

The Power Symbol helps to increase the amount of energy conducted between individuals during a Reiki treatment. This enables students to open and close energy connections during the process of a Reiki treatment. This allows universal energy to be used to purify the surrounding environment. It can act as security around homes, offices, vehicles, etc.

Psychic Symbol:

This symbol represents the different levels of energy used throughout the process of Reiki healing from the mental to the emotional level. These symbols help you deal with irritation, sadness, restlessness, frustration, and problems with relationships when Reiki is not handled successfully at the first level. It can also help in getting rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and any other addiction.

Distance Symbol:

As the name suggests, this type of healing involves Reiki treatments on remote clients or people living anywhere in the world. At any Reiki center, the recipient can be treated without their physical presence. This symbol can also be used to send Reiki in the future. If there are plans for the upcoming future, they may ask for the energy to arrive at that particular time in their lives. Reiki can be sent for specific problems or a problem in the past, even without proper knowledge of the troubling issues that occurred previously.

Treatment level 3

The Reiki Master level is considered the level of a teacher. Students are given the Usui Master Symbol, which helps them work on a spiritual level and discover their inner hidden truth. This level is known as the inner master. This level ensures that every individual has the confidence to be the master of his own destiny and take all his responsibilities without any kind of discomfort or restlessness. In this way it helps them to become more confident and determined for their life objectives and decisions.

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