What is Nazar Dosh ? How to cure it ?


In astrology, Nazar or Evil eye or Nazar Dosh is considered very important. Nazar is considered to be associated with negative energy. If someone’s thoughts, nature and contact have a negative impact on us, then we call it being evil or Nazar in common language. Due to evil eye, positive energy stops in life and a person’s progress starts getting hampered. Due to evil eye, people often start falling ill and progress gets hampered. The mind remains disturbed without any reason and everything around starts getting spoiled.

How it affects ?

Feeling of evil eye means a lot of negativity coming into your life. The shadow of such evil powers destroys life. Due to this the work done starts getting spoiled. The person’s energy decreases. He starts feeling sick and tired. Apart from this, many unwanted incidents start happening to him. A person of any age can be a victim of evil eye or visual defect. Let us know the symptoms of evil eye or Nazar Dosh and ways to get rid of it.


Symptoms of Nazar dosh

Due to Nazar, a person has to face many problems in life. He starts feeling disappointed in every work or matter. Headache persists all the time. There is a problem of unnecessary nervousness and insomnia. That means the positive energy of the person gets destroyed and he is surrounded by negative energy.

There is always discord in the house due to the evil eye on the house. The blessings of the house stop. People do not progress. There is loss and damage from every side. There are many types of problems. At the same time, if the evil eye falls in business, losses start occurring. Business comes to a halt. If a child gets infected with this disease, he falls ill. The child does not eat or drink anything and starts crying again and again without any reason.

Astrological remedies to get rid of Nazar

Many important things have been told in astrology regarding Nazar Dosh. According to this, if the ascendant and Moon are afflicted by Rahu in a person’s horoscope, then there is a greater possibility of him being affected by the evil eye. Therefore, some measures should be taken to reduce the inauspicious effects of Rahu. This protects the person from evil eyes or similar negative energy.

  • To avoid Nazar Dosh, donate Sapta Dhanya i.e. seven types of grains on Wednesday.
  • To avoid evil eyes, installing Rahu Yantra and worshiping it is very beneficial. This not only protects from the evil eye or negative powers, but Rahu also gives auspicious results.
  • People who are suffering loss due to frequent evil eye. They should wear nine faced Rudraksha.

Method to remove Nazar dosh

  • If evil eye strikes, then wear the black thread found in Bhairav temple around the neck or hand, the evil eye gets removed.
  • To eliminate the evil eye, you can also wear the locket of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji.
  • To avoid evil eyes, go to Lord Hanuman’s temple and apply vermillion from his shoulders on your forehead.
  • To remove Nazar dosh from house, shops or offices hang a Nimbu with 7 green chillies tied in a line in black or red thread.

  • To ward off the evil eye instantly, make a roti and bake it from one side only. Then apply oil on the roasted part of the roti and add red chilli and salt on it. Then rotate this roti 7 times over the person suffering from vision defect and quietly keep it at a crossroads.
  • To protect children from the evil eye, make a hole in a yellow penny and make the child wear it. Even if children wear a pearl and moon locket, it does not affect their eyesight.
  • If the child is not drinking milk, then pour the milk out of it and give it to the dog.
  • The most popular way to remove evil eye is to take two red dry chillies, some rock salt and some mustard seeds. Move these things from top to bottom, front and back three times on the child. Then burn them in fire. Due to this, the vision gets blurred within some time.

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