What is Kunj And Nikunj Dham


What is Kunj And Nikunj Dham

We all have heard about Golok Dham and Vaikunth Dham, the abode of liberation. But do you know that apart from this, Shri Krishna also has some other Dhaam? Like

  • Kunj Dhaam
  • Nikunj Dhaam,
  • Nitya Nikunj Dhaam
  • Nivrit Kunj Dhaam

What Happens Here in Kunj And Nikunj Dham

What is Kunj And Nikunj Dham
Vaikuntha Dham

As we all know that Lord Vishnu in his quadrilateral form resides in Vaikuntha, which is for the worship of ‘Shata Ras’. Dasya rasa is also predominant here. A person who goes here never comes back to earth.

Goloka Dham

A little above the north direction of Vaikunth there is Golokadham, which is Goloka, where Vatsalya rasa Sakhya rasa is dominant. Here Yashoda Maiya Nand Baba Shri Krishna’s friends Gopis and cowherds Govardhan, the Yamuna, etc.

Kunj Dham

Here it is slightly upwards from Golokdham. Shreeji is with her Sakhiyan (friends) and there are also friends of Shri Krishna here in the Kunj. Here only Shakya rasa is predominant.

Nikunj Dham

Nikunj Dham is also slightly above Kunj Dham. Here Shreeji (Radhaji) lives with her Sakhiyan (friends). It is also forbidden to visit the Sakha (friends) of Shri Krishna here. In Nikunj Dham, there is an Ashta lotus flower, where Shri Krishna Radha Ji’s Sakhiyan are seated and Shri Radha with Krishna sits on the middle throne.

Nitya Nikunj Dham

Nitya Nikunj Dham is also slightly higher than Nikunj. The Leela of this Dham changes a little bit. The queen here is Shreeji. Here Shri Krishna becomes the servant of Shri Ji. He requests Shri Ji here that I should put a little Mahavar for you. Let me do your hair, I’ll do your Shringaar This Leela takes in nitya nikunj dham.

Nimrit Nitya Nikunj Dham

After Nitya Nikunj Dham comes Nimrit Nikunj Dham. This Dham is at the top. There are neither Sakhis nor Manjharias here. Here everyone merges into the couple form of Radha-Krishna and everyone becomes one.

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