Vanshavali of Yaduvansh


From time to time, all kinds of questions are raised about the lineage of Lord Krishna. Some keep telling them that they belong to different dynasties like Chandravanshi, some Jaduvanshi or Yaduvanshi, etc. In this relation, the description of Lord Krishna and the first man of his lineage is found in Shri Vishnu Purana. It is said in the Puranas that all sins are destroyed by just one lesson of this. Let us see Lord Krishna’s Vanshavali.

Start of Chandravansh

The Supreme Father Brahma was born from the navel lotus of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the three worlds. And Atri was born from the mind of Brahma, the creator of the universe. Atri married Bhadra and from both of them Saumbha i.e. Moon was born and from here the Saumbha dynasty i.e. Chandra dynasty started and Vanshavali of Chandravansh and Yaduvansh started. Tara, the wife of Sage Brihaspati was attracted to Saumbha in his youth. Together they gave birth to a child named Budha in the absence of sage Brihaspati.


According to Bhagwat, Saumbh’s son Rishi Budh came to Bharat Khand. On earth, Ila, the daughter of Suryavanshi king Manu, fell in love with Budha. From the union of both, a son named Purarba was born. Purarba Chakravarti became the emperor in India, and after that, the king and the celestial nymph Urvashi together gave birth to Ayu. King Ayu was the fourth Chandravanshi emperor.

Yaduvanshi were chandravanshi

King Ayu married Prabha, the daughter of King Sarbhanu, from this marriage, there were 5 sons namely Nahusha, Kshatravardha, Rambha, Raji and Adena, later Yuvraj Nahusha became the successor of that throne.

Famous from the Yadu dynasty, the first male king of this dynasty was Nahush to Yayati, Yayati to Yadu, Yadu to Kroshtu, Kroshtu to Dhwajinivan, Dhwajinivan to Swati, Swati to Rushanku, Rushanku to Chitraratha, Chitraratha to Shashivindu, Shashivindu to Prithusrava, Prithusrava to Prithutam, Ushana from Prithutam, Ushna from Shitpu, Shitpu from Rukmakavach, Rukmakavach from Paravrat, Paravrat from Rukmeshu. King Rukmeshu to Jyamagha, Jyamagha to Krath, Krath to Kunti, Kunti to Dhrishti, Dhrishti to Nighriti, Nighriti to Dasharha, Dasharha to Vyoma, Vyoma to Jimut, Jimut to Vitruva, Vitruva to Bhimrath, Bhimrath to Navarath, Navarath to Dasaratha, Dasaratha Shakuni from Shakuni, Karambhi from Shakuni, Devrat from Karambhi. King Devrat became Devakshatra, Devakshatra from Madhu, Madhu from Kumaravansh, Kumaravansh from Anu, Anu from Purumitra, Purumitra from Anshu, Anshu from Satvat.

 Satvat to Andhak, Andhak to Bhajman, Bhajman to Vidurath, Vidurath to Shur, Shur to Shami, Shami to Pratikshatra, Pratikshatra to Swayambhoj, Swayambhoj to Hridik, Hridik to Devgarbha, Devgarbha to Shursen, Shursen to Vasudev and Vasudev to Devaki, Balaram, and Shri Krishna was born. Yaduvansh became famous by the name of Yayati Nandan Yadu and his descendants were called Yaduvanshi. Which was also called the Yadav clan.

Lord Krishna was born in this Vanshavali

In this way, the mythological history of Chandravanshi Vanshavali, a total of 48 generations above Lord Shri Krishna is available. Shri Krishna was the son of Vasudev. Shri Krishna’s father Vasudev ji’s caste was Kshatriya Yaduvanshi was Chandravanshi. Yadu’s ancestor King Yadu was also a Kshatriya Yaduvanshi. Yaduvanshis put Yadav after their name. This shows that the caste of Lord Shri Krishna was Kshatriya Yaduvanshi.

Sub-branches of Yaduvanshis ahead of Shri Krishna

48th King Shri Krishna’s son Rajkumar from Rani Rukmani Pradhuman was killed by Prabhas in the civil war during his lifetime, he did not become the king.

Prince Pradhuman’s son

(1) Rajkumar Anirudh :- This killed in prabhas with father.

 (2) Prince Vrijnabha: After the death of his father, he died on the way from Mathura to Dwarka. This one also did not become a king. Descendants of Karauli and Boghor There is ‘Jadav’ (Jadon).

(3) Rajkumar Kheer: His descendants are “Hindu Jadecha” in Saurashtra and “Muslim Jadecha” in Sindh Pradesh. They are also called ‘Jadecha Jam’.

Prince Samba

Son of Shri Krishna’s queen Satyabha. Descendants of Samba were Sindh Hindus and Muslims The region is called ‘Samma’ or ‘Samaecha’. They were called ‘Muslim Jam’ in Sindh Pradesh and in Saurashtra, it is called “Hindu Jam”. His other descendants are Chudasia Yadav and Chudasamma of Gujarat and Saurashtra.

In this way, different prince sons of Lord Krishna gave birth to various dynasties giving a broad Vanshavali of Yaduvansh.

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