Unsolved Mystery of Monalisa Painting


You must have heard about Monalisa’s painting. Maybe you have some knowledge about it. Most people have certainly heard about the Monalisa painting. After all, what is the reason for it becoming famous? Who made it?

Who made Monalisa’s painting?

The great painter Leonardo da Vinci created the Monalisa painting. This picture, prepared in the early decades of the 16th century, took many years to create. However, even after his death, some of his work remained incomplete, which was completed by his colleagues. Although the name of this painting is Mona Lisa, the pronunciation got distorted and it became Mona Lisa.

Whose picture is in the painting?

Monalisa’s painting, besides being famous, is also full of mysteries. There are different claims about whose picture is in this painting. There is a claim that there is a woman in this picture. It is said that this picture was taken when Monalisa was pregnant.


The picture created is claimed to be the wife of Francisco del Giocando, a merchant from Florence, while the other claim is the exact opposite. In the second claim, it is said that in this picture there is no one else but Leonardo da Vinci himself, in which he has shown himself as a woman.

Famous but mysterious

Monalisa’s painting’s posture changes when viewed from different angles. There is a deep mystery in his smile. When seen initially, she appears to be smiling. If you look closely, his smile fades and later the smile completely disappears from his face.

This painting is an artistic wonder in itself. It is said that it took 14 years to make the Mona Lisa painting, out of which Leonardo da Vinci took 12 years to make its lips alone. Even charcoal has been used in making this painting in more than thirty layers. Theories also claim that Leonardo has hid proofs of aliens and unsolved riddles in this painting.

Unsolved Mystery of Monalisa Painting

How much is the price ?

Today the price of Monalisa painting is more than Rs. 6700 crores. At present this painting is 500 years old. There are many mysteries related to it that are unsolved and these mysteries are also its specialty. Presently the Monalisa painting is kept in the Musée du Louvre museum in Paris.

A man gave his life for Monalisa

Luc Maspero, a French artist, committed suicide by jumping from the roof of a Paris hotel on June 23, 1852. He was crazy about the mysterious smile and beauty of the Mona Lisa. He had written in his suicide note that he was madly in love with Monalisa. Not only this but many love letters and flowers are also found in this painting in the museum. People who are madly in love with Mona leave their love letters in front of it.

Mona Lisa also has twin paintings

It is believed that Francesco Melzi, a student of Leonardo da Vinci, had made its twin paintings. It is kept in the Museo de Prado in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Between 1514 and 1516, one of his students also created a nude version of the Mona Lisa. Whose position of hands and body is like the original painting. It is called Monna Vanna. It is said that perhaps this painting was also made by Leo.

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