Unknown secrets of the Amazon Jungle


This world is full of many diversities and oddities. We all know that some supreme power has created this world. Today we are going to introduce you to such a creation of God who created this universe which is wonderful and unique in itself. This place is very beautiful and also scary. This place is full of all kinds of creepy secrets. We are going to tell you here some unknown secrets of the Amazon Jungle.

Secrets of the Amazon Jungle

The enthralling scenes full of curiosity about this place leave the beholder in awe. This is a place that is full of poisonous creatures. Here at this place, that blue umbrella man has openly filled the colors of strangeness. The green color of the greenery spread far and wide and the river filled with blue-blue vast water boasts amazing natural beauty. Looking at the trees and plants here, it seems as if they are holding each other’s shoulders.

Here these trees and plants are not just one or two but they are in billions and trillions. At this place, the shadow of trees touching the sky spread far and wide is covered for thousands of kilometers. The billions of trees in this place have spread such a huge shadow all around that it seems that perhaps those trees are determined not to allow the sunlight to reach the earth. That’s why it is very dark here even during the day. Not only the nature here but also the living beings are frightening. Not only the creatures living in the strange environment of this place, but humans are also always ready to kill.

Scary experience at every footsteps

Seeing their amazing strength, it seems that all of them are born with strength and knowledge in their hands like the brave Abhimanyu. The scary scene of death is visible at every step of this place.
The horrifying truth of this place is revealed to the world. Yes, we are talking about the world’s most dangerous Amazon jungle, which is also known as the Wonder of the World. This is the most dangerous forest in the world. In terms of area, Amazon is such a big forest on this earth as it is a huge country. It can be said that the Amazon jungle is the largest natural country in the world.


Where the people living have their kingdom, be it the tribals, animals, trees, plants, and rivers. The kings of the world’s biggest creepy forest are the tribal tribes living there. who are oblivious to the outside world. They don’t know what roads are. What is electricity? What is the house called? Far away from the discoveries of civilization and science, they have this wonderful world known as the Amazon jungle.

Area of this forest

This amazing forest is spread in about 9 countries from America to Brazil on our earth. These countries are Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The area of this Amazon forest is about 5500000 square kilometers. The area of the Amazon forest is so large that it can become the ninth largest country in the world.

Due to the size of this Amazon forest, it is a major source of oxygen for the Earth. It is said that the Amazon forest supplies 20% of the oxygen required for life on this earth. That is why this Amazon forest is also called the ‘Lung of the Earth’.

Secrets of the Amazon River

The Amazon River flowing through the Amazon jungle is the second largest river in the world. The length of this river is more than 6800 kilometers. Geographical research has found that the Amazon River has hundreds of tributaries that are spread over about 8 countries. The waters of the vast Amazon River are home to hundreds of strange creatures, insects, fish, and crocodiles.

Research has told that hundreds of species of dangerous fish are found in this Amazon river. Apart from this, a snake named Anaconda, which swallows humans alive, is found in this Amazon river. The Amazon River of this place extends to countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, etc. Because of its vastness, the Amazon river is a huge source of water on Earth.

The humans of the Amazon tribe are as strong as Bhima

Only a person can live in this dangerous jungle who dares to face the dangers at every step. The tribal tribes living in this Amazon forest have that amazing strength and fearlessness, due to which they pick up poisonous snakes, poison skulls, pythons, scorpions, etc. found in their way, twist their necks and sometimes kill them by throwing them on stone. Let’s put

Similarly, the Amazon tribals here put their hands in the mouths of the dreaded animals found in the forest and tear both the jaws and sometimes throw them away by twisting them by the tails of these cannibal animals. That is why it is said that the tribal tribes here are as strong as Bhima. The tribals here know that this Amazon forest is full of poisonous creatures.

Because of this death is waiting for them at every step. But despite this, he does not run away leaving this forest. Because he considers this Amazon jungle as his world. He also does not like the interference of any outsider in his world. He does not want any outsider to enter his Amazon jungle. Many times the people coming here have been fatally attacked by these tribals.

Once some explorers from Brazil came to this Amazon forest for research work. But he disappeared somewhere in the forest. He was nowhere to be found. It is also said that they got trapped in the clutches of the clan here. The Amazon tribesmen kill and eat people who come to their territory.

Amazon jungle’s Ant can also kill an elephant

Yes, the story of the creatures of this creepy place is indeed very frightening. An ant named Bullet Ant found in this forest is so poisonous that one attack of its sting can kill anyone. Bullet Ant’s sting is as deadly as a gunshot. Due to this anyone can die.

The ugly truth of the beautiful-looking frogs of this forest

If you see the frogs found here in this Amazon jungle, you will find their beauty breathtaking. Because the green-yellow colored frogs here look very beautiful. But if someone touches these frogs even by mistake, their poisonous tongue can kill anyone.

Aquatic creepy creature black caiman suddenly attacks

The Amazon forest is full of not one or two but millions of strange creatures. Which are wonderful in themselves, as well as their sinister intentions keep terrorizing the entire Amazon jungle. Similarly, there is an aquatic organism. He is a crocodile named Black Caiman who is so black in appearance that it looks like a shadow of a tree in the water. Due to its unique appearance, it is not easily visible to people and in this way, it hides and suddenly attacks someone. makes him his prey.

There is no less storm here

What is the earth, what is the sky of the Amazon jungle, there is a scene of fear everywhere. Not only the water land, but the birds flying in the sky in the Amazon jungle are also very dangerous. Among these birds, there is a bird named Eagle. This giant bird takes animals alive. Kills him and makes him his victim.

Sometimes it rains heavily, sometimes it is dry, and sometimes there is a fire here

The mystery of the Amazon jungle remains unsolved to date. The strangeness of the geographical environment here is beyond comprehension. Sometimes it rains so heavily that it seems to wash away the earth. So sometimes not a drop drops from the cloud.

Far and wide it becomes dry. Similarly, in the year 2010, there was a drought in the Amazon forest. Because of this the animals and birds found in the Amazon forest cried. Similarly, last year this forest suddenly caught fire on its own. Due to this don’t know how many trees and plants got scorched.

Area of curiosity for explorers amazon jungle

Putting their lives in the palm, the team of scientists and researchers keep reaching here at this dreadful place. These teams have been trying to find out the secrets of this Amazon jungle for the last hundreds of years. It is said that till now only 10% of the secrets of this Amazon forest have been known to us humans.

Research work is going on. Some scientists even say that by using the natural capabilities of this Amazon forest, we can provide such wonderful herbs found in this area to the whole world, so that humans can live on this earth for 200 years.

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