Unknown Facts about Mecca Medina


Mecca is a place where every Muslim dreams of visiting. Every Muslim wishes to perform Hajj once before death. Mecca and Medina are considered so sacred that people who do not believe in Islam are not allowed to come here, hence it is said that if any non-Muslim person tries to come here, he will not be safe. Why does this happen? What is it that no non-Muslim person can even step here? Today we will give you information about the answers to many such questions. Mecca Medina is considered a very holy place for Muslims because Islam started from this place.

Non-muslims can’t go

Non-Muslims are not allowed to come to Mecca and Medina and because of this people say strange things that perhaps there is some work here which Muslims do secretly from the w orld. Friends, you can watch Mecca and Medina live, there only God is worshiped with a true heart, but sometimes some people try to go to Mecca in the wrong way by lying to fulfill their evil intentions. But see the nature of God that to date any person who tries to go here with wrong intentions never succeeds, either the police catch them or nature punishes them as per its own.


Zamzam water in Mecca

It happened many years ago when Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim had left his wife Hazra and infant son Hazrat Ismail in the desert of Mecca as per his promise. After which, there was no water source visible far and wide in the desert of Mecca, but baby Hazrat Ismail felt thirsty. Meanwhile, innocent Ismail rubbed his heels on the sand, and due to the action of Allah, water started coming out of that place. Then this place takes the form of a well which is today known as Zamzam water. Investigation of Zamzam water revealed that Zamzam water is a wonderful gift from God. This water is beneficial and suitable for everyone. People here feel refreshed and energetic after drinking this water. Everyone likes the taste of Zamzam water. There is no need to purify this water by adding chemicals.

Planes don’t fly over it

No airplane ever passes over Mecca and even birds do not fly over it but change their path. The Kaaba is actually the center point of our earth and it is also the gravitational center of the earth, that is why no airplane can fly over it, hence birds also go and roam over this Kaaba. But it is not so, the Earth’s gravitational center is 64000 kilometers below the surface, and its effect cannot reach the sky. The Saudi government follows the rules and regulations very strictly in its country. When non-Muslims cannot go to Mecca, the Saudi government has declared Mecca as a no-flying zone so that no non-Muslim can pass over the Kaaba, even if it is in a plane.

What is Kaaba ?

There is a small black stone in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. It may be small in appearance but its importance is big. This stone is set in a silver frame all around. In the Arabic language, this stone is called Al-Hajru Al-Aswad. There are many famous stories about the story behind this stone. But only Allah knows the truth

Praying the holy stone

Believers of Islam believe in Hadith after the Quran. This sacred black stone has been mentioned in the Hadith and its importance has been explained. In many hadiths, this stone has been described as alive. According to this, the Prophet considered this stone to be the right hand of God and considered it alive. He thanks God by kissing it. The Prophet had kissed this stone so it became a tradition that pilgrims would kiss it. But now a large number of Hajis have started coming so it is no longer possible for everyone to touch and kiss it. That’s why pilgrims now turn face towards this stone and pray.

Sacred black stone story

Another story related to this sacred black stone is popular. When Prophet Ibrahim was asked by God to build the Kaaba, at the last moment of its construction he saw that a small space was left in the eastern part of the Kaaba. He asked his son Ismail to bring a stone to fill this space but even after a long time he did not find the same stone so he returned empty-handed. But when he came he saw that a black stone had been placed in the vacant place. Prophet Ibrahim said that God had sent an angel from heaven and he had placed this stone.

Is Kaaba a Shivlinga ?

Another myth is also that Centuries ago the entire world was eternal and Mecca was also a part of Jambu Island. After killing Ravana, his sister Surpanakha ran away from Lanka with the Shivalinga and to take revenge on Lord Shiva, she hid the Shivalinga under the sand in Mecca. The same Shivalinga is Kaaba and Muslims worship it and protect it from Hindus so that no Hindu does Jalabhishek on it.

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