The secret of the treasure hidden in Son Gufa


Many stories of the treasure hidden in Son Gufa are famous in India. Rajgir, a small town-like town of Bihar located in the east of India, which comes in the Nalanda district, is ancient as well as important in many ways. Once this city used to be the capital of ancient Magadha and its pride.

Location of Son gufa

And it was here that Lord Buddha preached Buddhism to Emperor Bimbisara of Magadha. Son Bhandar cave is located in this Rajgir, about which it is famous that immense gold reserves are hidden here. No one can estimate the vastness of the immense gold reserves that can be here.

Historical facts

Most historians attribute this treasure to Bimbisara, the emperor of Magadha, although some people also attribute it to Bimbisara’s predecessor, Jarasandha, there is more evidence that this treasure belongs to Bimbisara only because the prison is located near this cave. There are remains where Bimbisara was kept captive by his son Ajatashatru. This is a historical fact.


The point to be noted here is that this Bimbisara was not the son of Maurya emperor Chandragupta and father of Ashokavardhana, but he too was emperor Bimbisara who lived about 450 years before. These have been described by Paul Brunton in his book ‘Discovery of Secret India’. Now come to this cave. As soon as you enter the Son Bhandar cave, there comes a room about ten and a half meters long, five and a half meters wide, and one and a half meters high.

No one has been able to open the door

This room was for the soldiers guarding that treasure. The way to reach the treasury goes through the back wall of this room. But the entrance of this way is a huge stone And it is closed by a rock-hard door. No one has been able to open this door to date.

In this way, the immense gold reserve and a treasure kept on the other side of this door remain a myth and mystery even today. When India was ruled by the British, once in the greed of treasure, the British tried to blow the door of this cave with the balls of their powerful cannons, but they failed in this. Even today the marks of those balls can be seen in this cave.

Still a mystery

Even after using all their powers, the British returned after failing. Something is written on a wall of this cave in the conch shell script, which has not been read to date. It is said that the method to open this door is written in it. Some people also believe that this way to reach the treasure goes through Vaibhavagiri Parvat Sagar to Saptaparni Caves, which reaches on the other side of Son Bhandar gufa.

There is another such cave near this Son Bhandar gufa which is partially damaged, its front part has fallen. The idols of 6 Jain Tirthankaras are engraved on the southern wall of this cave.

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