The 7 divine Chakras of Body


The seven chakras of the body are the centers of all the powers of the universe.There are seven chakras in our body, Mooladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipur, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahastrar. Every day in Navratri, a special chakras is awakened, from which we get energy. If we manage this energy properly, we can easily achieve extraordinary success. This is also called Kundalini Jagran.

Muladhara Chakra

  • This chakra is around the lowest part of the spine.
  • This chakra is called the main place of Kulkundalini, its other name is Bhaum Mandal
    is also.
  • This chakra is square and of golden color like the rising sun.
    Physically, fragrance and health are controlled by this chakra.
  • Spiritually controls Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
  • Its alphabet is – “L”
  • The desire for excessive enjoyment and spiritual desire within a person comes from this chakra.

Swadhishthana Chakra

  • Located on the spinal cord just behind the genital organ.
  • The form of this chakra is half-moon, it is the chakra of the water element.
  • The following emotions are controlled by this chakra – disregard, common sense
    Deprivation, Urge, Disbelief, Destruction, and Cruelty
  • This chakra is of six petals
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  • This chakra awakens the work spirit and advanced spirit in the person.
    The seed mantra of this chakra is – “Vam”.
  • This cycle is considered as Tamasik cycle.

Manipur Chakra

  • This chakra is located on the spine just behind the navel.
  • The shape of this chakra is a triangle, and the color is red like blood.
  • This chakra is the biggest center of energy, from here energy is transmitted in the whole body.
  • It controls the fire element and is endowed with rajasic qualities.
  • This chakra is of 10 petals
  • The following instincts are controlled by this chakra – Shame, evil emotion, envy, longing, melancholy, longing, infatuation, hatred, fear
  • The effect on the mind or body directly affects the Manipur Chakra.
  • The seed mantra of this chakra is – “Ram”.

Anahata Chakra

  • The chakra located on the spine in the middle of the heart is called Anahat Chakra.
    From the spiritual point of view, the good qualities of the seeker begin from here of the person from this chakra begins Feelings and sensations.
  • This cycle is also called the solar system. Its color is light green.
  • Its shape is a hexagon.
  • This chakra has 12 petals
  • The following types of instincts are controlled by this chakra – Hope, Worry, Endeavor, Affection, Conceit, Prudence, Perplexity, Arrogance, Temperance, Hypocrisy, Argument, Repentance
  • A person’s feelings and inner feelings of meditation are related to this chakra. In the condition of mental depression, doing guru meditation and pranayama on this chakra gives amazing results.
  • The seed mantra of this chakra is – “Yam”.

Vishuddha Chakra

  • This chakra is located just behind the throat
  • This chakra gives even higher spiritual experiences, all the achievements are found in this chakra.
  • This chakra is multicolored and it does not have any special form.
  • This chakra is related to the sky element and eight achievements.
  • This chakra has 16 petals
  • The sound that comes from the awakening of Kundalini Shakti comes from this chakra.
  • Its seed mantra is – “Hum”.
  • The following instincts are controlled by this chakra – material knowledge, welfare, great work, in God’s dedication, poison, and nectar Scientifically, problems like thyroid and distortion of speech are due to disturbance of this chakra.
  • The seven notes of music are the play of this cycle.

Ajna Chakra

  • The chakra located between the two eyebrows is called the Ajna Chakra.
  • It has two petals, one petal is black and the other petal is white.
  • White petals symbolize going towards God, and black petals mean worldliness.
  • There are two alphabets and two seed mantras of this chakra – H and Ksh
  • There is no meditation mantra of this chakra because it is above five elements and mind.
  • By hitting this mantra on this chakra, all the chakras of the body are controlled.
  • Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna forms open on this chakra and the mind reaches the liberated state.

Sahasrara Chakra

  • The chakra which is located on the uppermost part of the brain is called Sahastrar.
  • It is of thousand petals, and it is very bright white.
  • There is neither any meditation mantra nor any seed mantra of this chakra, only Guru’s meditation on this chakra.
  • When the Kundalini reaches this chakra, then she attains the perfection of meditation and attains liberation.
    This place is called Kashi in Tantra.
  • By meditating or chanting Sadguru at this place, the path to salvation becomes easy for the person.

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