Predictions of Nostradamus


Predictions of people around the world on one side and predictions of Nostradamus on the other side, it is difficult to say whom people will believe more but this much is certain that no one else is as famous as Nostradamus, the mysterious unique French astrologer in the world of predictions.

Life of Nostradamus

“Never before has nature been seen as furious as it will be in the 20th century. Earth in place of water, water in place of earth, a few good people will make the world good in the post-pralaya-like situation”. Nostradamus, who made some similar predictions, was a famous prophet of France. His life span was in the sixteenth century (1503-1566). Documents show that Nostradamus was not only a prophet but also a doctor and a teacher. He used to treat serious diseases like the plague. Nostradamus, born on December 14, 1503, in the small village of Saint-Rémy in France, had started making predictions since adolescence, but his growing interest in astrology and astronomy worried his parents.

Interest in astrology and astronomy worried his parents

The reason for this was the fundamentalist Christians of the then society, who did not see this education with a good eye. To divert his attention from astrology, his parents sent him to Mont Pellier to study medicine. From there, after completing his studies, he came out as a good doctor. There is an incident in the city of Milan in France (in 1515) when several priests were passing through a road. A twelve-year-old boy came to them. Others used to bow down to the eldest of the priests who was walking in front, but this little boy entered the middle of the group of priests and bowed down at the feet of one of the young monks.

He has done prediction in a very early age

The people present there including the priests were also surprised that the child bowed his head to an ordinary priest while the other priests were older than him, why did he not bow down to him? A person asked – Son! What specialty did he see in this Mahatma ji (Pastor) that he bowed down to him leaving all others? The child replied in a very simple but firm voice – “You people do not know that this is our future “Pope” sir.” People laughed. He was right in laughing because that young monk did not have a single sign of that level of chivalry based on which it would be expected that the same gentleman would be the coming Pope. But later when the same young monk named Feli Peretti was elected Pope, people were surprised and asked how the child had known this inevitable possibility. ,


This twelve-year-old boy was not an ordinary child, but in his form was the famous French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus, who had made about 1000 predictions from the 16th century till the 20th century.

Career as predictioner started

His predictions have been influencing the whole world for the last five hundred years, but now that in the last century, the world has seen more than one cataclysmic event and tragedy including the Bengal famine and America’s atomic bomb blast on Japan. The importance of his predictions has increased even more. Very few people know that Nostradamus had the extrasensory ability to see past and future since childhood. He developed this ability even more through spiritual practices and self-study.

He studied astrology, studied philosophy, and gained knowledge of the circumstances of the world, in this way, his talent kept shining even more. Considered to be the most famous astrologer and psychic of that era.

In October 1529, Nostradamus became a teacher at the same university after taking the title of doctor from Mont Pellier. In 1531 he received an invitation to come to Agen, where he married a woman named Henriette. Henrietta gave birth to two children but her family did not escape from the clutches of cruel times. After some time, in 1534, an epidemic of plague spread there and took away his wife and both children from him. Devastated by the death of his wife and children, Nostradamus then went to Italy, but ten years later he returned and helped Louis Sarre, the then-famous physician, fight the plague, which was again wreaking havoc at that time. Later he settled in Salon de Provence.

Famous Prediction for Hitler and Napoleon which came true

Here, in 1547, he married a second time, a wealthy widow named Anne, by whom he had three sons and three daughters. During this, he earned a lot of names as a prophet. He had prophesied that in the 20th century, such a dictator would emerge in Germany, which would present a scene of cataclysmic orgy in the whole of Europe.

Its name will be “Hister” and literally with a difference of one letter, an unprecedented dictator in the form of “Hitler” has emerged in Germany. Similarly, he made another prediction about a brave soldier born in Corsica (France), about whom he said – this person will be a unique historian. He had said that while progressing from a soldier, he would become an emperor at the age of 25. Even the British would tremble before his bravery, but one day he would be arrested and his downfall would come. He named it “Napoleon” and indeed the world saw such an over-ambitious emperor in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte. Everything happened as predicted by Nostradamus.

His book of Prophecies

A detailed description of his prophecies is found in the book “Centuries and True Prophecies of the Michel de Naustradam”. The magazine named “The News Review” publishes these predictions from time to time and renders their veracity.

At one time, after hearing the fame of Nostradamus and his predictions, Queen Catherine of France expressed her desire to know the future of her children. Nostradamus had come to know from his extrasensory abilities that both the children of the queen are short-lived and would leave the world at an early age, but he did not dare to tell everything the truth.

He writes indirectly means in symbolic and mysterious ways

He told his point in the form of symbolic verses, due to which he also said his point, and the queen did not get angry with him. It is said that since then he decided that henceforth he would write his predictions in symbolic verses like this.

His famous predictions in symbolic ways

The thing called character would become rare. Fashion will be in vogue. People will remain mere occupants of their houses, and most of the people will be wandering here and there and eating in the streets. Under these circumstances, a “one of his kind” world-famous person will be born in some great pious eastern country.

This person alone will create panic in the whole world through his small associates. This historical great man will give rise to such a great struggle that there will be internecine conflict in every house and city. The time for the beginning of this internal revolution will be at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

After that, the supremacy of humanity will begin to be established everywhere in the world. People will start giving up demonic tendencies and the world will become as happy as heaven. For the hope of our happy future, we all can hope that this prophecy of Nostradamus will also come true, as proof of this, some of his major predictions are given here.

Predictions about France and Paris

Once he predicted that after three months a terrible plague would spread in France in which lakhs of people could die. Not a single such incident happened for three months.

For the first time on the 91st day, there was a small information about the plague in Paris, after that, this epidemic caught so much that there was panic in the whole of France, and with this panic, the fame of Nostradamus spread all over Europe. When the plague ended, someone asked him what would be the next big event. He said – “The death of the emperor”. Louis had been on the throne for hardly 3 or 4 years.

His physical health was also good but within a month he died suddenly due to a simple “diabetes” disease which was not possible at that time. After this, he predicted the destruction of the Maginot Line of France, which came true.

Prediction for Germany

The prediction that the powerful country Germany would be divided into two parts came true. Many presidents of America were killed one after the other. Nostradamus had warned about this long ago. Regarding the 20th century, he said that “Never before has nature been seen to be so furious as it will be seen at the end of the 20th century.

In place of water, earth, and place of earth, water, a holocaust-like situation will emerge. Somewhere there will be excessive rainfall, somewhere there will be no rain, many volcanoes, and earthquakes and there will be military rebellions and revolutions at various places. Then a wonderful force that will change the world will be activated. He will neither be the ruling power of any country nor any religion or sect, but he will be such a person – who will bind the whole world in the thread of unity by the courtesy of his feelings. After that, an unprecedented peace of its kind will be established in the world.

He predicted his death too

Nostradamus has also given some indications about this unique great man of history like there will be a moon on his head and lotus in his feet. The costumes will be very simple. He will have two marriages and will have two sons, only two daughters – and he will change his place only twice, both times from his residence to the north.

In July of the year 1566, this famous seer, who gave the most predictions, was thinking about something in his room one evening. Suddenly thinking something, he called all the people in the house and said- “Look! Tonight is the last night of my life, I will not be able to see you tomorrow morning, but you people do not feel sad about my death.

I am going to help God’s work, I will come again on earth, none of you may be my relatives, but God’s house is the whole world and I will be helping them, so Everyone should consider death as auspicious”. No cough, no fever, so this statement of Nostradamus surprised everyone but his family members did not believe him. Nostradamus slept as usual, but the one who had been prophesying for others throughout his life, how could his predictions for himself be wrong?

After sleeping that night, he did not wake up and while waiting for the dawn, he quietly left this world. Great souls like Nostradamus are rarely born, but when they come to earth, they continue to guide people through their work for centuries, also as present.

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