Precautions while doing Vedic, Tantric, and Shabar Mantra Sadhana


The power of Mantras is limitless. If the rules are not followed during Mantra Sadhana, then sometimes fatal consequences come to the fore. Therefore special care should be taken while using it. Even a slight mistake in pronouncing the mantra can spoil everything.

Importance of Mantras chanting

The importance of chanting mantras has been explained in great detail in the ancient religious texts. The tradition of chanting mantras in Indian culture has been going on since ancient times. Thousands of mantras are found in the ancient Veda texts, which refer to the fulfillment of the objective.
The basis of mantra power lies in our faith. Soul, body, and the whole environment gets purified by chanting mantras. These small mantras transmit immense power in themselves. Only by chanting these mantras, a person is able to get rid of all difficulties and troubles. Mantras exert their influence in the remembrance of the Lord in such a way that the Lord himself becomes ready to remove our sufferings.

Power Of Mantra Sadhana

Mantra Power tries to awaken vital Energy. Sages and Yogis are able to attain the Lord by reciting these mantras. Mantras are a form of deep meaning, Sages created them after experiencing the power of mantras, like Sage Markandeya ji proved Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and SAGE Vishwamitra ji created Gayatri Mantra. Similarly, Tulsidas ji and Kalidas ji composed many mantras.

Power Of Mantra Sadhana

At the time of chanting Mantra chanting should always be done with rosary only. Mantras have immense power, things used in chanting mantras must be taken care of like the Mantra Mat, Rosary, clothes, place, time, and chanting number of mantras, etc. should be followed. If Mantra Sadhana is done properly, then the grace of the deity is definitely received. The person chanting the mantra should have complete faith in the mantra.

Types of Mantra

Mantras include Shabar Mantra, Vedic Mantra, and Tantrik Mantra. Mantras are chanted by Mansik (Mind), Vachik (speech), or Upashu chanting.

Precautions while doing Vedic, Tantric, and Shabar Mantra Sadhana

Reciting mantras clearly is called Vachik Japa, Reciting mantras in slow motion which cannot be heard by others is called Upanshu Japa and, In Mansik Japa the mantra is contemplated in the mind. For Mantra Siddhi is necessary that the mantra should be kept secret. Chanting done at the time of eclipse gives quick benefits. Chanting during an eclipse gives many hundred times more results than usual chanting.

Precautions while Chanting Mantra

It is very important to take care of some special things while chanting the mantra. While reciting mantras, it is necessary to pronounce mantras properly, only then we can get the full benefit of these mantras. The mind becomes calm by chanting mantras. There must be strong faith in the mind to chant mantras, only then we can get acquainted with the effect of mantras.

Mantra worship has been told in the Vedas for the worship of the Gods. Chanting mantras gives strength, peace, long life, and fame.

Law of Mantra Sadhana

Before chanting the mantra, the seeker should take full care of the cleanliness of his mind and body. While concentrating on the mind, one should remember the Lord and chant OM. The person should do chanting while sitting on a Pooja Mat (Asanas). The Pooja mat should be made of wool, silk, cotton, Kusha made or deerskin, etc. The use of asanas is considered necessary because due to lack of asanas the Energy that operates within us at the time of chanting gets absorbed in the Earth and deprives us of that energy.
If the seeker chants the mantra with faith and devotion, then complete benefits are attained. Chanting Sadhana can be done anywhere in Siddhapeeth, a river mountain, a holy forest, a secluded place, in water, in the temple, or at home. Lighting a lamp while chanting mantras and chanting mantras in front of it gives auspicious results.

Rules of Mantra Sadhana

The Sadhak must follow the instructions given by the Guru. It is mandatory to follow the following rules during the Sadhana period.

  • There should be complete faith in the God or Goddess for whom the meditation is being done.
  • Strong willpower towards mantra meditation.
  • Along with strong willpower towards the place of meditation, the place of means should be different from social and family contact.
  • Satvik food of fasting, shelter, milk-fruits, etc. should be done and it is necessary to sacrifice makeup-cosmetics and deeds and luxury.
  • Avoid imbalance of speech, harsh speech, delirium, false reading, etc. and try to remain silent, and try to remain silent. Also, sleep on the ground during meditation.

Important Point for Mantra Chanting

It is necessary for Mantra Siddhi that the mantra should be kept secret. No one should know about the seeker which mantra he is chanting or doing. If someone is nearby at the time of the mantra, then mental chanting should be done.

  • Chanting in the river should always be done by staying in the water till the navel.
  • Be silent as much as possible during Mantra Sadhana Period.
  • Don’t keep beating the drum of chanting and meditation, keep it as confidential as possible.
  • Don’t use mantras unnecessarily to hurt anyone and for immoral activities. By doing this there is a divine outbreak which shows its wrong effect for seven generations.
  • Never insult Guru and God.
  • Follow celibacy.
  • If married, then during the period of sadhana, if it is very necessary, you can have a relationship with your wife.
  • Don’t let your worship material and Yantra, picture of the deity touch anyone else.

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