Nineteen auspicious signs in Radharani’s feet and their meaning


There are Nineteen auspicious signs in Radharani’s feet with their deep meaning. Her left foot is decorated with 11 signs. Barley, wheel, umbrella, bangle, vertical line, lotus, flag, half moon, curb, flower. There is barley in the thumb, chakra below it, then umbrella, bracelet, vertical line on the side, lotus in the middle, flag below, curb, crescent moon, flower and creeper in the fingers.


By leaving worldly attachments and taking refuge in these lotus feet, all the sins and sorrows are erased. The symbol of barley is the giver of omniscience and attainments, by meditating on it the devotee becomes free from the cycle of birth and death and becomes very small like a grain of barley.


Meditation on the lotus feet of Radha Krishna destroys ignorance by killing the nocturnal desires of the devotee’s mind due to lust, anger, greed, attachment, intoxication, etc.


Devotees who take shelter are saved from the continuous rain of material troubles.


In Nikunjaleela, Shri Radha in the form of Kankan has taken off the Kankan and worn its symbol in her lotus feet.

Urdhva Rekha

Those who remain wrapped in the lotus feet of Radhashyam, cross the ocean of this world through the bridge called Shri Radha Urdhva Rekha.


The house of Shri Charan Lotus symbol is the giver of all kinds of splendor and new wealth. This creates greed for love in the minds of the devotees.


Protects from fear. In Kaliyuga, man will soon become frightened after seeing the crooked movement. For her fearlessness and victory, Shri Radha has worn the flag at her feet.


To ensure that the feet of Shri Radha do not appear hard, they wear flower symbols. By meditating on this one attains devotion to Shri Radhaji.


There is a creeper symbol at the feet of Shri Radha, and a tree symbol at the feet of Shri Krishna. Just as the creeper always climbs up after taking shelter of the tree, similarly Shri Radha always remains in the shelter of Shri Krishna. Meditating on this always leads to progress.

Half Moon

Half Moon is considered spotless. That is why Shri Radha ji has graced the moon by holding it at her feet. Meditation on the symbol of the half-moon increases devotion and prosperity by destroying Tritap.


Ankush controls the yard of the mind and shows it the right path, hence the Ankush symbol should be meditated at the feet of Shri Radha.

​Radharani ji’s right foot is decorated with 8 signs.

Conch, kernel, chariot, fish, altar, mace, noose, coil. Below the two fingers are the mountain, then the kernel, the conch, the mace, the altar ring, the noose, Pisces, thus there are a total of 8 symbol signs.


Conch is a symbol of victory, it tells that by accepting the lotus feet of Shri Radha, a person is always saved from sorrow and gets the gift of fearlessness. That is why there is a symbol of a conch in the form of water element at the feet of Shri Radha.


Giri-Govardhan is worshiped everywhere in Vraj in the form of Girivar, Giri-Govardhan serves the feet of Radhika. That’s why there is Girigovardhannath (Shri Krishna), he worships Shri Radha. It is because of this glory of Shri Radha that there is a symbol of mountain at the feet.


The chariot in the form of mind can be easily controlled by placing it in the lotus feet of Radha. For this reason, there is a symbol of chariot at the feet of Shri Radha. Because the world is in the form of a chariot which is continuously moving forward. His charioteer is Shri Radhakrishna in the form of Sri Yugal. By meditating on the chariot signs of Shri Radha, one gets freedom from the toils of the world.


Just as fish cannot live without water, similarly devotees also cannot live without Radha-Shyam. Just as a fish cannot survive without water, similarly Shri Radha Shri Krishna is also integral. The symbol of fish in Shri Charan expresses this feeling.


Both Shri Radha and Shri Krishna are inseparable. If Shri Krishna is the form of Yajna then Shri Radha Swaha is performed. hence there is a sign of altar at the feet of Shri Radha.


Shri Krishna is the bearer of mace in the form of Vishnu. Hence there is a symbol of mace at the feet of Shri Radha. By meditating on this, enemies are destroyed and ancestors get salvation.


There is a sense of loop symbol in the lotus feet of Sri Radha, whoever meditates on it, gets trapped in the loop of love and shelter and gets immersed in the ocean of life.


The sound that comes from the anklets of Shri Radha’s feet is prevalent in the world in the form of Shabda Brahma. Shri Krishna’s ears always yearn to hear his sweet chimes, hence the symbol of Shri Krishna’s earring is at the feet of Shri Radha. The seeker gets happiness by meditating on them.

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