Nilavanti Granth – Cursed book which leads to death upon reading


It is said that to gain something, one has to lose something. Similar to this idiom, it is said about this Nilavanti Granth, that a person who reads this book partially or does not understand it goes mad and the one who reads it completely and understands it either becomes a great scholar or dies in immoral circumstances.

Origin of Book

This book was written in 1733 by Nilavanti, daughter of Munshi Bhagwandas, a scholar living in a village in Uttar Pradesh. This book was first composed in the Kannada language and was written on tree leaves. Later scholars gave it the form of a book and wrote it in the Sanskrit language. There is a rumor about a cursed book that the person reading it either goes mad or dies.

Story of Nilavanti

This is the story of a five-year-old girl who was different from the children of her age since childhood. Since she was five years old, this girl had started understanding the language of the animals around her. The snakes, scorpions, and mongoose present around her used to tell her about the treasures buried in those places that were far away from any human sight.

But that girl never went in search of those treasures out of greed for wealth, the name of this girl was Nilavanti. As Nilavanti grew up, the strange incidents happening to her started increasing. Now she used to have scary dreams every night in which different types of ghosts and spirits used to talk to her, they used to give her information about the coming future. Now Nilavanti started appearing as a very beautiful 16-year-old girl. And the incidents happening with him also started moving forward. Now whenever any spirit or ghost told Nilavanti any new knowledge or mantra, she used to write down all those things so that she could remember all those mantras and knowledge.

Nilavanti was Yakshini

Then one day Nilavanti was told in her dream that she was a Yakshini and that is why she had these amazing powers by birth. Now Nilavanti started appearing as a very beautiful 16-year-old girl and the incidents happening with her also started moving forward. Now whenever any spirit or ghost told Nilavanti any new knowledge or mantra, she used to write down all those things so that she could remember all those mantras and knowledge.

Then one day Nilavanti was told in her dream that she was a Yakshini and that is why she had these amazing powers by birth. She is not of this world and is stuck in this world due to a curse. Also in the dream, Nilavanti got this order that she would have to come out of this world as soon as possible and come back to her real world and her real form.


She took help of a man

For this work, Nilavanti was also told the methods by which she could go from this world to her real world. In the same dream, she was told that there is a big banyan tree on the banks of a river, several miles away from the village where she lives, and that banyan tree is the way for Nilavanti to go to her world.

Immediately after this dream, Nilavanti started her long journey. After a few days, she met a man through the forest, whom Nilavanti asked for help. The man was a businessman with money and was mesmerized by Nilavanti’s beauty the moment he saw her. This businessman put a condition before Nilavanti that he would help him but in return, Nilavanti would have to marry him.

Nilavanti agree to marry

Nilavanti accepted the condition of that person but in return, Nilavanti also kept a condition that she would marry that businessman and would also live with him but, she would never spend any night with him and she says this in the night. No one will ever ask him. After this, the businessman took Nilavanti to his village, at a short distance from this place there was also the banyan tree about which Nilavanti was told in the dream.

Now Nilavanti started living with that businessman in his house but she used to go away from home every night. Nilavanti used to sit under that banyan tree every night and perform the mantras and teachings taught by the ghost spirits present there. Which included various types of mantras and the act of sacrificing living beings.

Nilavanti was ready to go to her world but …

Nilavanti also used to write down all these mantras and rituals in her book, in which she used to write about all the knowledge taught to her since childhood. One day Nilavanti again heard a divine voice that tonight Nilavanti would have to sacrifice an animal and she would find a corpse in the river near the tree whose special thread would be found in the knots of the clothes tied on its waist, which would be blessed with some secret mantras. And with his help, Nilavanti will be able to go to her world today in the form of a real Yakshini.

Nilavanti was completely ready to go to her world that night and as soon as it got dark at night, Nilavanti started going towards that tree as usual. But today, while going there, some people in the village saw him and decided to chase Nilavanti. After reaching there they saw Nilavanti sacrificing an animal.

The man was Pisach

Seeing this, the villagers became very angry and thought that Nilavanti was a witch or witch. Everyone decided to kill Nilavanti but before they attacked her, her husband was called there. When the villagers returned to the place with the businessman, they saw that Nilavanti was trying to untie with her mouth the knots tied on the waist of the las who had been swept away in the river water.

But after seeing from a distance, the villagers felt that Nilavanti was eating that dead body, they thought that Nilavanti was a Narbakshi. Seeing this, the people of the village attacked Nilavanti, but what they saw left everyone present there in tears. Before reaching Nilavanti, her husband stood in front of Nilavanti and now he had transformed into a giant vampire, pisach. He started tearing the villagers one after the other with his big nails.

The villagers were surprised to see that the businessman whom they thought was a human being for years was a vampire even worse than Nilavanti. The vampire took Nilavanti from there and ran away towards the forest after reaching the place he told Nilavanti that he knew from the very first day that Nilavanti was a Yakshini and the only goal of staying with her was that the vampire would read the book written by Nilavanti. Wanted to get it in which Nilavanti had written all the knowledge acquired from his life.

The destiny of Nilavanti

As soon as Nilavanti came to know about the vampire’s intentions, he killed him, but within a few moments, the vampire came back to life. Nilavanti understood that it was beyond her power to defeat this demon, so she cursed her book that whoever reads this book with evil eyes will surely die and if anyone reads it incompletely then it will cause harm to someone. If someone tries to reach it, he will go mad.

After this curse, Nilavanti disappeared from there along with her book, but one thing was certain after this Nilavanti could never go back to her world again because that was the only chance to go to it, for which she had waited for a long time. No one knows who got that book last, but it is believed that at the end of this book, it was given the form of a book and at the same time that book was divided into many parts. was given.

Ban in India

Due to the book being cursed and mysterious, this book was banned by the British Government in 1935. According to belief, the book written by the daughter of Munshi Bhagwandas was a book of (mathematical formulas). It is even said that this book is banned in India because it is cursed. However, there is no evidence of this anywhere. Although some excerpts from Nilavanti Granth are available on the internet, nothing can be said about whether they are genuine or not. Nor about whether the facts related to this book are true or not. While some people believe that the name of this book was Nilavanti based on its name, it was not a book of mathematical formulas.

Not a normal book

Nilavanti granth was much bigger than other books. That’s why they were more afraid of their society than of living beings. In those times, a person with more than normal talent was given the title of demon, or witch. They were killed by the people because Bhagwan Das’s wife had also died after becoming a victim of a similar incident.

Swami Vivekananda has read this book

Swami Vivekananda ji had read Nilavanti Granth. It is said that the person who read the book could talk to animals and birds and could understand their language. And could get there work done when the time came. He becomes a prophet i.e. can know about future events.

It is said that Swami Vivekananda ji was trying to translate this text in simple language, since Swami ji had knowledge of many languages and he wanted to spread Hindu religion all over the world, and hence he also translated Nilavanti Granth. He wanted to write it in simple language so that everyone can read it, some people believe that Swamiji’s death was due to reading Nilavanti Granth. But no one knows how Swamiji died.

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