Never look moon on the night of Ganesh Chaturthi


The birth anniversary of the first revered Lord Ganesha is celebrated on the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. It is also called Vinayak Chaturthi. Apart from this, it is also known as Kalank Chaturthi, Shiv Chaturthi, and Danda Chaturthi. Ganesh Utsav begins from this day itself and continues till Anant Chaturdashi. According to religious beliefs, it is prohibited to see the moon on this Ganesh Chaturthi. Know why it is forbidden to see the moon on Bhadrapada Chaturthi.

Why don’t you see the moon?

According to mythological beliefs, seeing the Chandra on Chaturthi Tithi falling in the month of Bhadrapada makes a person prone to stigma. Apart from this, false allegations are also made against him.

Accusations were also made against Lord Krishna

Swami Kanhaiya Maharaj also said that according to the stories, Lord Shri Krishna had also seen the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. For this reason, false allegations were made against him. To get relief from this charge, he worshiped Lord Ganesha with all the rituals. Because of this, he got freedom from it.

This story is related to Chandra deva

There is a story related to this that when Lord Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati, was placed in the face of Gaja, he revolved around the earth. During this time, all the Gods and Goddesses were singing his praises, but Chandra deva was proud of its beauty and was smiling at the incarnation of Gajanan. Seeing his pride, Lord Ganesha cursed him to become black. On this day, dark spots are most visible on Chandra, hence looking at Chandra is prohibited.

Ganesha forgives Chandradeva

He and the other gods prayed to Ganesha for forgiveness, but since Ganesha had already cursed them, he did not cancel it completely. He said people can see the moon at any time except Bhadrapada Chaturthi. If someone sees the moon on this day then he has to face false accusation. According to beliefs, after seeing the moon on the day of Chaturthi, Shri Krishna also suffered from the effects of Mithya Dosh. He was accused of stealing the precious gem Syamantaka. Sage Narad, who knew about the curse of Lord Ganesha, asked Shri Krishna to observe a fast to overcome the bad omen.

Moon defect will be removed with this remedy

If you accidentally see the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi, do not panic at all and to remove this defect, first of all, worship Lord Ganesha, who removes all obstacles, by offering flowers and fruits and showing it to a poor person while showing the moon. Also, to avoid future stigma, recite the mantra given below with full devotion and faith.

सिंहः प्रसेनमवधीत्सिंहो जाम्बवता हतः। सुकुमारक मारोदीस्तव ह्येष स्यमन्तकः॥

Chaturthi is also known by these names

In some places of Bihar, this Chaturthi is celebrated as Chauth Chandra i.e. Chaturthi Chandra. In some places people also throw stones toward the moon on this day, hence it is also known as Patthar Chowk. On the other hand, if you want to see Chandradeva on this day, then you should see the moon only with fruits, sweets, or curd in your hand, this will not bring inauspicious results of seeing the moon.

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