We have heard that the soul never dies and keeps reincarnating in one form or another, but in Hindu Mythology, It is believed that some beings continue to live in the same form across the ages, God Hanuman is one of them.

Lord Hanuman is Still alive
Now the question is :
Has anyone ever heard of Lord Hanuman death?
The Answer is NO,

It means he is still alive somewhere on the earth, I have some facts about this, his place of residence is said to be the GANDHAMADANA Mountain, near Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu district.
The fact we can’t deny if we believe in RAMAYANA that Lord Ram gave him the boon of Immortality.
NASA has also confirmed Lord Hanuman’s Existence. Many experiences devotees state that Lord Hanuman comes to human society many times ago to help but remains invisible for them and works miracles Incognito. However, there is a secret mantra which if chanted is said to make HANUMAN Ji appear before a devotee.

The Mantra is :  

 “Kaalkantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu, Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu”

But there are two conditions for this MANTRA:-
  1. You will have to chant this mantra with a selfless human being and you didn’t do anything wrong at that day and you have a soul relation with Lord Hanuman at the time of chanting MANTRA.
  2. In the area of 980 meters, these should not be anyone who doesn’t believe in Lord Hanuman existence means in 980 meters everyone should have the belief that Lord Hanuman is still alive
Lord Hanuman gave this MANTRA to Piduru Mountain Tribal because of that tribal help Lord Hanuman in many ways. This mountain is situated in Sri Lanka.
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