Know simple and effective remedies of Sphatik


Often you might have seen people wearing Sphatik also known as Crystal rosaries shining like glass or worshiping crystal deities at home, but do you know its religious and astrological significance ? In astrology, a rhinestone is called a sub-gem of diamond, which is found in the form of pieces under the snow on snowy mountains. The idols and garlands of Gods and Goddesses made of Sphatik which looks transparent like glass are not only helpful in getting the auspicious results of the puja, but the astrological remedies related to it miraculously remove the biggest troubles related to life. Let us know the religious and astrological importance of Sphatik Mala and the idols of Gods.

Religious significance of Sphatik

Like the idols of Gods and Goddesses, a garland made of crystal is also very auspicious. Crystal is also considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that by wearing a crystal rosary, a person does not have any kind of fear in life and he gets happiness, wealth, strength, wealth, opulence and fame. The life energy of the person wearing it increases manifold. It is also believed that by chanting the mantra of any deity with a crystal rosary, one’s success will be achieved soon.


Where to keep the Sphatik ?

Crystals are used to remove Vaastu defects from any place. According to Vastu, since crystal represents the earth’s element, it should always be kept in the southwest direction. Crystal should not be kept in the north direction.

Result of worshiping Sphatik Shivalinga

It is believed that worshiping a crystal Shivling in the house always brings happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. Shivalinga made of crystal is full of positive energy. If you keep it at home and worship it, it removes all kinds of negativity. In the house where crystal Shivalinga is worshipped, all types of diseases, Vaastu defects, fear obstacles, etc. are removed.

Result of worshiping Sphatik Ganesha

By worshiping Lord Ganesha made of crystal at home, all obstacles related to life are removed. It is believed that by worshiping the crystal Ganesha, all the obstacles in career and business are removed and the desired progress is achieved.

The result of worship of Sriyantra made of Sphatik

Worship of Shriyantra is considered very auspicious and effective to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is believed that in the house where Shree Yantra made of crystal is worshipped, there is never any shortage of wealth and the people living there get all kinds of happiness and opulence. In the house where there is Sphatik Shriyantra, poverty, poverty, sorrow, etc. do not enter the dream.

Sphatik Mala importance in Astrology

According to astrology, crystal is related to the planet Venus. Wearing a crystal rosary increases concentration, cools the body, calms the mind, and reduces body heat. It can be used for meditation purposes and chanting of mantras, especially the mantras of Maha Lakshmi and Shukra. Astrology also defines who can wear the mala and who benefits most from it. For example, individuals who have the Moon in an unfavorable position in their birth chart may benefit from wearing a rhinestone rosary. The transparency of crystals is believed to enhance clarity of thought and memory.

If a person is facing financial difficulties or is not receiving proper credit for his work, wearing a Sphatik Mala can attract the blessings of Venus and gain recognition in society. For best effect, it is advisable to decorate the garland after chanting the prescribed mantra on Friday. Being highly versatile, rhinestone beads can also be adorned with other gemstones without any side effects. It complements other gemstones and can enhance their energy.

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