Interesting facts related to Kalki incarnation


The Kalki incarnation is an important avatar in Sanatan Hindu Religion. Description of Kalki incarnation is found in religious texts like Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu incarnates at the end of every era and reestablishes religion. Till now Lord Vishnu has had 9 incarnations and now only the 10th incarnation Kalki is left. This incarnation is considered to be the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So let us know all the things related to Kalki Avtar in this article –

Interesting facts related to Kalki incarnation

Before the arrival of the Kalki incarnation in Kaliyuga when the evil deeds of the people will increase beyond limits then Kalki incarnation will come to establish Dharma and destroy the evil deeds.

Kalki avatar is considered the Lord Kaal, he comes with a sword and fights against evils. His aim will be to establish righteousness and destroy evil deeds.

Interesting facts related to Kalki incarnation

Prediction of Kalki Incarnation

In the Puranas, it has been predicted that Lord Shri Vishnu will take human incarnation in the last phase of Kaliyuga. His incarnation has been called Kalki incarnation, which will ride on a white horse. According to the Puranas, only a few thousand years have passed since the beginning of Kaliyuga, whereas this era is of 432,000 human years. According to modern time calculation, Kaliyuga started from 3102 BC, when five planets Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn were at 0 degrees on Aries.

Temple of Lord Kalki

At present, a temple has been built in the name of Lord Kalki in Sambhal village in Uttar Pradesh. Literary materials like video, CD, book, etc. are being developed and disseminated in his name in areas like Delhi, etc. Aarti, Chalisa, Purana, etc. are found in his name. An organization named Kalki Vatika, active in Uttar Pradesh, claims that the time for the appearance of Kalki incarnation is near.


Birth of lord Kalki

According to the Puranas, Lord Kalki will be born as a son in the house of an ascetic Brahmin named Vishnuyasha at a place called Shambhal in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Kalki will ride on a horse named Devdutt and destroy the sinners from the world and re-establish religion.

On the contrary, in the poetry and prose of some other Puranas and poets of the Buddhist period, there is mention and praise that Kalki has been incarnated. According to ‘Vayu Purana’ (Chapter 98), Kalki Avatar was born at the climax of Kaliyuga. In this, while praising Vishnu, Dattatreya, Vyas, and Kalki have been said to be incarnations of Vishnu.

Kalki incarnation Prediction

According to the prophecies, the Kalki Avatar will come at the end of Kali Yuga. The purpose of this incarnation would be to establish Dharma and destroy misdeeds. This incarnation will come to propagate Dharma and to save its people from misdeeds.

It is said in the prophecies that Kalki Avatar will come with a big sword and will destroy evil deeds with his power. He would go from place to place to teach religion to the people and inspire them to follow truth and justice.

Before the advent of Kalki Avatar, during Kaliyuga people would propagate many misdeeds. It is also said in the prophecies that at the end of Kali Yuga, man will keep falling down and all human beings will behave oppositely.

Whom will Kalki Avatar kill?

The Kalki Avatar has been told differently by the prophecies. According to some prophecies, Kalki Avatar will destroy the wicked and untruthful. With the arrival of this incarnation, religion will be established and people will be motivated towards truth. This incarnation will come to teach people about religion and save them from misdeeds.

According to some prophecies, certain people will be killed by the Kalki Avatar. One of these prophecies, Kalki avatars will kill a fearless asura named Kali demon who propagates the misdeeds of humans. According to the second prophecy, the Kalki avatar will be a great warrior who will destroy the unrighteous and give the message of the victory of justice.

Some prophecies of the past have said that before the advent of Kalki Avatar, due to the increasing influence of evil forces and untruth, many changes will take place in the whole world and Satyuga will begin.

Interesting facts related to Kalki incarnation

What will be the age of God Kalki?

There is no definite information available about the age of Kalki Avatar. In the Vedas, Puranas, and other religious texts, Kalki Avatar has been told. But there is no mention of his age in them.

There may be some suggestions about his lifetime from other religious texts and archaeological research, but nothing is sure about these. According to religious beliefs, the date of the incarnation of the Kalki Avatar is also uncertain and will be according to the future.

Mystery of Kalki Avatar

The mystery of Kalki Avatar can be different from the religious, philosophical, and tantric point of view. Kalki incarnation is considered to be the tenth incarnation of Mahavishnu who comes to destroy the unrighteous and establish Dharma.

Some people also consider him a historical figure who would emerge to preserve the Dharma and solve the world’s problems. Some people also think of it as a religious institution or group that would come to establish and preserve the religion.

Furthermore, some even consider it as a force that will arise to save the world.

Summarization of some important facts about Kalki Avatar

1- According to Kalki Purana, the Kalki incarnation of Lord Vishnu will take place in Sambhal village. It is believed that Sambhal village located near Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is the place where the 10th incarnation of God is to take place.
2- Kalki incarnation will be born into a Brahmin family.
4- In this incarnation, the name of God’s father will be Vishnuyash. He will be a devotee of God and knowledgeable about Vedas and Puranas. His mother’s name will be Sumati.
5- The name of Lord Kalki’s wife would be ‘Padma’, another name of Goddess Lakshmi.
6- Their clothes will be white and they will have knowledge of the art of sword and horse riding.
7- His horse’s name will be Devadatta.
8- Lord Parshuram will be the Guru of Lord Kalki. Parashuram ji is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he is blessed with immortality.
9- Like Ramavatar, Lord Kalki will have four brothers in his incarnation and the names of his other three brothers will be Sumant, Pragya, and Kavi. Together with these brothers, God will establish religion.
10- In Kalki incarnation, God will have four sons, their names will be Jai, Vijay, Meghmal, and Balahak.
11- Kalki Avatar will come to destroy the wicked and he will be a great warrior.
12- Kalki Avatar will come to establish Dharma and propagate the truth.
13- He will appear at a time of crisis when the condition of religion will be very bad.
14- Kalki Avatar will inspire all mankind to fight unitedly.
15- At the time of the appearance of Kalki Avatar many miracles will happen which will surprise everyone and a new Satyug will start.

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