How was the SatyaYuga (a Golden Era)?


How was the SatyaYuga (a Golden Era):

In Satya Sanatan Dharma, time was told very precisely. In this article, the part of time i.e. period has been explained in detail. Such events of time have also been told, which scientists are still looking for. Similarly, it has been told about the four periods of our Universe which repeat themselves, again and again, that is called Four Yuga.

Four Yuga

These are four yugas that are described in Sanatan Dharma.

  1. SatyaYuga,
  2. Treta Yuga,
  3. Dwapar Yuga
  4. Kali Yuga,
Four Yuga

Today we are going to let you know about Satyuga, and how Satya yuga used to be.

Meaning of SatYuga

The age of truth means that in which only truth is everywhere. There are four Yugas in a Maha Yuga and SatyaYuga is the first Yuga. A world war is followed by destruction. After that, a new life emerges again. The total time of Satyayuga was 1728000 years. This is the age of truth and austerity.


Specialty Of This Age

The specialty of this age is that in this age the deities themselves teach human beings. In SatYuga, the mental level of man reaches a high level. Today we take the education of science and physics from childhood.
At that time education is of tenacity and mentality. In this Era, the age of human beings ranges from 10000 to 1000000 years because man acquires mental knowledge. In Satya yuga, no one is able to lie to each other because all are mentally attached to each other in which they do not need to speak anything by mouth. A person who can read each other’s mind cannot lie.

How was the SatyaYuga (a Golden Era)
Specialty Of This Age

In Satyuga no one falls ill because the mental level is raised to such a high level that all the cells of the body become aware that there is any virus or disease that does not work at all. When we fall ill, we take medicine, but that medicine does not cure our disease but activates the antibodies of our body, which ends that disease. This means that our body eliminates that disease. If we take full control of our body and mind, then we can win over every disease. Every human being in the Golden Age can do this.

Scientific Explanation of SatyaYuga

We explain this to you according to modern science.
Our brain works in three parts.

  1. Conscious Mind,
  2. Subconscious Mind,
  3. Unconscious Mind

That part which we call consciousness,(Conscious mind.) It does not have complete control over the body. The greatest work is done by the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. We cannot directly access these parts today to drive the heartbeat or make antibodies. Every scientist also says that this can be done only through meditation. Meditation means Penance. It is said to be the first of the four pillars of Satyuga.

The Four Pillars Of This Religious Era

  • Tenacity
  • Truthfulness,
  • Purification and
  • Mercy.

Because of these pillars, this era is also called the Golden Age. As the ages pass, the pillars start to shrink. Lord Vishnu took 4 incarnations in the golden age itself which were Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, Narasimha, and Varaha Avatar.

In this era, the knowledge of Vedas is known to every human being. In this age, every human being is like a deity. It is also called an ideal.

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