How the vehicle of Maa Durga’s arrival and departure is decided ?


Nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped during Navratri, which falls twice a year. Mother Goddess arrives on earth on the first day of Navratri. She comes in a different vehicle every time. According to the calendar, Navratri falls four times every year. Out of which there are 2 secret Navratri that are considered best for Tantra Sadhana. This Navratri is not for householders. On the new moon day falling in the month of Chaitra and Ashwin, everyone worships Maa Durga and observes a fast. For this reason, Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri are considered very special.

Vehicle of Maa Durga is Lion

The mother or vehicle is Leo. But every year she comes to earth riding in different vehicles according to the time and date of Navratri. This means that Maa Durga will come on different types of riders instead of Singh. Along with this, every ride has auspicious or inauspicious meaning. This has been written about in a verse in the scriptures.


Shashisurye gajarudha shanibhaume turangme.

Guru Shukre Dolayan Budhe Nauka Prakirtita

Vehicle on Sunday and Monday

On the occasion of Ghat Sthapana on Sunday and Monday, Maa Durga comes riding on an elephant.

Vehicle of Maa Durga on Saturday and Tuesday

When Pratipada occurs on Saturday and Tuesday, Maa Durga’s vehicle is a horse and it is through this that she comes to earth.

Vehicle of Maa Durga on Thursday and Friday

If Navratri is starting on Thursday and Friday, then the mother comes riding on a dolly.

Vehicle of Maa Durga on Wednesday

On Wednesday, when Ghatasthapana takes place, Maa Durga comes riding on a boat.

Auspicious or inauspicious effect of Goddess’s vehicle

The vehicle by which Maa Durga comes to earth during Navratri. The events of the whole year happen accordingly. This has been explained through a verse.

The meaning of this verse is that if Maa Durga comes riding on her hand, there will be more rain, and happiness and wealth comes. If the goddess comes riding on a horse, then the fear of war with neighboring countries increases. If the goddess comes riding on a boat, then all the wishes are fulfilled. Whereas if the mother comes riding on a doli, then the fear of epidemic remains.

Mother’s vehicle for going back is also fixed

Goddess Bhagwati also arrives in a vehicle and travels only in a fixed vehicle. That is, the vehicle of the Goddess is also decided according to the last day of Navratri. According to this, the day of departure and the vehicle also have auspicious and inauspicious results.

If the Goddess rides a buffalo on Sunday or Monday, then disease and mourning increase in the country. On Saturday or Tuesday, the Goddess rides on a cock, which increases sorrow and suffering. The goddess goes on the elephant on Wednesday or Friday. This causes more rain.
On Thursday, Mother Durga rides a human vehicle. This increases happiness and peace.

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