How did the nectar came in Ravan’s navel ?


Ravana was immortal. The reason for his immortality was the nectar established in his navel, due to which it was impossible to kill him. There is also a story of nectar coming into Ravana’s navel. The credit for this goes to his wife Mandodari, who installed it in her husband. Apart from Ravana and Mandodari, only one person knew about it.

Different insights about nectar

Beliefs say that there was nectar in Ravana’s navel and Ravana did not die until Lord Shri Ram stabbed Ravana in his navel. How did the nectar come into Ravana’s navel? It is also said in Ramayana that Ravana was blessed with immortality. According to ancient religious texts and beliefs, there was nectar in Ravana’s navel, which made him immortal. This is why killing Ravana was not an ordinary thing. You will be surprised to know how the nectar came to Ravana’s navel and how it was established there.


According to religious texts, there was once a war between Bali and Ravana. In this, Ravana suffered internal injuries due to which Lankapati Ravana fell very ill. His wife Mandodari became very worried. She decided in her mind that she would make Maharaj Ravana immortal.

Mandodari went to Chandralok

Mandodari reached her parents. She was the daughter of Maydanava. His father was the master of amazing powers. Mother was equipped with many powers. Amritkalash was on Chandralok. Mandodari could not go there because she did not have the power to fly. Her parents gave her these powers. She flew to Chandralok. However, even going there and bringing a few drops of nectar from the Amritkalash pond there was not easy.

No one could steal it. Mandodari’s father had established her in heaven. This Kalash was established by miraculous and electrical powers. No person could even reach it. A lot of poisonous gases were coming out from below the urn. Which would lead to death. Hot lava kept coming out all around it. Therefore, it was almost impossible to reach the nectar pot and steal the nectar from it.

It was full moon immortal night

There is a rule in Chandralok that Moon God takes out this nectar pot from there once a year on the full moon day of Ashwin month, Sharad Purnima. Then drop a few drops on the earth. This was a good opportunity for Mandodari. The day Mandodari went to Chandralok, there was a full moon just two days after that. As soon as Chandra Dev took out the nectar urn from there on the full moon night, Ravana’s wife Mandodari took the opportunity and started running away.

The gods came to know about this. He chased Mandodari. Frightened Mandodari left the nectar pot on a window in Devlok. He himself filled a few drops of nectar in a ring and jumped down towards the earth. She took the help of brother-in-law Vibhishan in the task of immortalizing her husband. However, Vibhishana first said that using stolen nectar is not at all appropriate. Later he agreed.

Aagneya Baan helped to dry out nectar

On the day of Sharad Purnima, it was decided to place this drop of nectar in the navel of Ravana. Earlier, for this Ravana was made unconscious in Ashok Vatika. Then Vibhishan placed the nectar drops in Ravana’s navel, due to which Ravana became immortal. Vibhishan was also a person who had knowledge of pulse, he was also the only vascular surgeon of that time. Vibhishan told Ram about this nectar. Then after knowing this secret from Vibhishana, Ram dried him with a fiery arrow, which later led to Ravana’s death.

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