Hanuman had a wife and son


Everyone knows that Hanuman ji spent his entire life in the service of Lord Rama. He was on guard at every step. He followed celibacy throughout his life for the service of Lord Rama and never indulged in family life. But do you know that Hanuman ji also had a son, whose name was Makardhwaj. And also he had a wife.

How Hanumanji’s son was born ?

Although Hanuman was a celibate, yet he fathered a son, although this son was born from a drop of sweat instead of semen. The story goes something like this when Hanumanji reached Lanka in search of Sita and when he was caught by Meghnad, he was presented in Ravana’s court. Then Ravana had set his tail on fire and Hanuman burnt Lanka with the burning tail. Hanumanji was in severe pain due to the burning tail, to calm down, he came to calm the fire of his tail with sea water. At that time a drop of his sweat dripped into the water which was drunk by a fish. With that drop of sweat, the fish became pregnant and a son was born to her, whose name was Makardhwaj.

Makardhwaj fought with Hanuman

Hanuman and Makardhwaj met during a war. When Ahiravana had taken Shriram and Lakshman to Patal to sacrifice them to the goddess, then Hanuman reached Patal Lok to free them and there he met Makardhwaj. Here Makardhwaj told his whole story to Hanuman.

Makardhwaj was also very mighty and bright like Hanumanji, he was appointed by Ahiravan as the gatekeeper of Patal Lok. When Ahiravana had brought Sri Rama and Lakshmana to the underworld on the power of his Maya to sacrifice them to the Goddess, then Hanuman reached Patal Lok to free Rama and Lakshmana and there he met Makardhwaj. Hanumanji killed Ahiravana and freed Lord Shri Ram and Laxman and appointed Makardhwaj as the ruler of Patal Lok and inspired him to follow the path of religion.

Wife of Lord Hanuman

Surya Dev had 9 divine knowledge. Lord Surya gave all the knowledge to Hanuman ji but started hesitating to give vidya. The reason behind this hesitation was that Hanuman ji was celibate. Actually, out of these 9 Vidyas, 5 Vidyas were given by Surya Dev to Hanumanji but in the other 4 Vidyas, Hanumanji not being married became a hindrance.

This is because the knowledge of 4 Vidyas was given by Sun God only to those who were married and Hanuman ji had taken a vow to be celibate. For this reason, Surya Dev was not able to give him the knowledge of the remaining 4 Vidyas. Hanuman ji needed the knowledge of that education only then his education would be considered complete.

He got married and remained celibate

In such a situation, the Sun God used a trick and revealed a girl with his glory. Surya Dev asked Hanumanji to marry her. Explaining to Hanuman ji, Surya Dev said that this girl will only prove to be helpful in your attainment of knowledge. After marriage with Hanumanji, this girl will do penance and merge again in the glory of the Sun. In this way Hanumanji will also get married and he will also be called Brahmachari.

In this way, Hanumanji accepted the remaining 4 vidyas of marriage. The name of that girl was Suvarchala and since then she is known as the wife of Hanumanji. Hanuman ji and his wife Suvarchala are worshiped in the Khammam district of Telangana. This is the only temple in the world where Hanumanji is worshiped along with his wife. Because of being born from the sun, she was called the daughter of the sun. In this context, the sun god also became the father-in-law of Hanumanji.

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